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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, home décor influencer and entrepreneur Ashlee Jane shares what inspired her to begin her faux flower design business, The Suffolk Nest.

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The Suffolk Nest

Visionary founder of the flourishing floral e-commerce business The Suffolk Nest, Ashlee Jane, is an award-winning home décor influencer and entrepreneur who transformed her popular interiors-focused Instagram account, @The_Suffolk_Nest, into seven-figure success story.

After attending a causal faux-plant Christmas wreath workshop in 2014, Ashlee Jane discovered a she had a new passion for faux-flower arranging. Combined with her long-standing love for florals and an innate eye for design, Ashlee was creating inspiringly beautiful faux flower arrangements that soon found a strong online following through Instagram account.

When the Covid-19 lockdowns swept the UK, Ashlee was able to focus more time on her passion. Increased content was met with greater engagement and interest, and her arrangement tutorials and advice sessions on Instagram Live brought audiences in their thousands.

Ashlee Jane, The Suffolk Nest on The Table Read Magazine
Ashlee Jane, The Suffolk Nest

Creating The Business

Her first product, the DIY Christmas Wreath kit, sold out in minutes. Spurred by her community’s positive response, it became clear that @The_Suffolk_Nest was doing more for people than she realised – sharing a creative outlet and building a supportive community was helping people to improve their personal wellbeing as a form of escapism.

In January 2021, Ashlee took a leap of faith and officially founded the floral e-commerce business, The Suffolk Nest. Offering a curated selection of world-class faux flowers, arrangements, and home décor pieces, Ashlee’s genuine connections with her customers have propelled the brand to unparalleled success.

The House of Flowers

It didn’t take long for the publishing house, Quercus to pick up on Ashlee’s traction, approaching her with a book deal.

The House of Flowers (£25), which features 30 floral project ideas across each season, was published in March 2023 and hit the best-sellers list on multiple occasions.

With more than 50,000 orders shipped since inception, The Suffolk Nest has become somewhat of a household name in the home décor sector.

Ashlee Jane

Having opting to not return to the job she loved at Cadburys following the birth of her youngest daughter, Ashlee Jane, epitomises the passion and resilience of a modern entrepreneurial leader. 

Who could have predicted that a Christmas wreath workshop would spark the creation of The Suffolk Nest? I am immensely grateful for our community of floral enthusiasts who inspire me daily. They are the reason The Suffolk Nest means so much more to me than just a business. I am so looking forward to seeing where it will take us, and what floral masterpieces we’ll come across in the process. Thank you so much to everyone who has and will become part of this crazy journey!

-Ashlee Jane

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