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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, we check out the hot floral trends for Christmas 2023 to give you ideas for decorating your home or the perfect flowers to gift to loved ones.

Christmas Flowers

As the frosty air settles and holiday cheer takes hold, there’s nothing quite like the vibrant splash of Christmas flower arrangements to truly bring the season to life. They aren’t just decorative accents; they’re fragrant ambassadors of festive joy, transforming ordinary spaces into winter wonderlands.

This year, we are seeing more interest in sustainable options, innovative ways to decorate, and creative spins on traditional holiday decor using florals that last beyond the holidays. Westerlay Orchids knows a thing or two about the magic that orchids lend to the holiday seasons and all year and what is trending, too!

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Hot Floral Trends For Christmas 2023

Saying no to the “one-month” plant.

White Winter Orchid on The Table Read Magazine
White Winter Orchid

Whether you are shopping for a hostess gift or holiday decor, consumers are considering a potted plant that they won’t be “totally over” by the new year (sorry, poinsettia!). 

A winter white orchid is the perfect gift, centerpiece, or mantelpiece that can tie into red and green holiday decor but look elegant in spring, too. Imagine the joy you’ll bring to the hostess when you show up with a Cascade Orchid!

The pristine white petals of the orchid whisper of fresh beginnings, innocence, and the spirit of renewal. In the context of Christmas, it embodies the purity of Jesus’ birth and the peace on Earth that the season celebrates. For a loved one seeking spiritual reflection or a fresh start in the new year, a white orchid offers a gentle reminder of hope and inner serenity.

With its graceful arching stems and delicate blooms, the white orchid adds a touch of refined beauty to any home. Its understated elegance transcends trends and complements décor styles from minimalist modern to cozy cottagecore. Whether placed on a mantelpiece, nestled amongst holiday decorations, or gracing a dining table centerpiece, the white orchid elevates the ambience, adding a touch of timeless luxury to the festive season.

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Finding new ways to do holiday foliage.

Rosemary Tree on The Table Read Magazine
Rosemary Tree

Mini holiday trees or garlands bring the spirit into the home, but also lose their twinkle once the holidays are over. Because of their delicate epidermis, fresh-cut greens fall prey to dehydration quickly. Consider a lush alternative that will make the transition beyond 2023.

Try a small Rosemary tree inside for a herbal fragrance similar to an evergreen tree. Add some little twinkle lights, and you have the perfect decor that can also happily sit on your window sill all year. Opt for a larger rosemary bush and plant it in the backyard in the new year, and enjoy the fresh herb right outside your door.

Beyond its festive appearance, this humble herb offers a sensory feast, a touch of the unconventional, and a surprising practicality that will leave your loved ones feeling both cherished and inspired. Its leaves, bursting with flavor, can be used to infuse olive oil, roast potatoes to perfection, or add a fragrant touch to cocktails. This interactive experience allows recipients to savor the rosemary throughout the season, both visually and culinarily.

Rosemary’s evergreen nature embodies strength and perseverance, a powerful message during the colder months. Its association with remembrance and loyalty adds a layer of sentimentality, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gesture for loved ones near and far.

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Seeking Sustainability.

Many holiday-specific flowers and greenery arrive fresh to your home the first week of December, then fill trash cans once they have lost their purpose and vibrance by January 1st.

In a world increasingly aware of ecological impact, the traditional Christmas bouquet filled with imported, chemically-treated blooms might feel a little outdated. This year, embrace the trend towards conscious gifting and choose sustainable flowers – a heartwarming present with a lighter footprint that will bloom with joy for your loved ones and the planet. Try seeking sustainably sourced seasonal flowers and arrangements with minimal environmental impact that are not only long-lasting but grown sustainably as well.

Westerlay Orchids are grown sustainably and last much longer than cut flowers. Find out more about Westerlay’s commitment to  sustainability through the continuous reduction of its carbon footprint here

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Innovative Wild, Natural Arrangements.

Wild Flower Seedballs on The Table Read Magazine
Wild Flower Seedballs

Nature-inspired, organic designs that create a rustic look are trending. You don’t have to be a pro at pulling this look together.

“Foraging,” a floral centerpiece or arch is simply bringing clippers on a walk to the local park or having them handy in the car. Use branches, flowers, vines, and berries. Truly bring the outside in with all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Gifting wildflowers isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about offering a connection to something bigger. It’s a subtle invitation to slow down, appreciate the simple beauty of nature, and find joy in the unexpected. It’s a reminder that even in the coldest months, life persists, blooms, and brings bursts of color to our world.

So, this Christmas, break away from the tradition and embrace the wild. Spread the joy of unexpected beauty, heartfelt symbolism, and a gentle nudge towards environmental awareness. Let your gift of wildflowers bloom into a lasting memory, reminding your loved ones (and maybe yourself) of the magic that thrives just beyond the familiar, waiting to be discovered.

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Minimalistic simplicity.

Fuchsia Orchid on The Table Read Magazine
Fuchsia Orchid

If a wild, natural arrangement isn’t your cup of tea, the opposite – minimalist floral is trending, too.  Many are paring down their decor this year and opting for simplicity. Think elegant, key decor items that convey “Happy holidays,” but don’t scream it like a simple garland swag on the fireplace.

Unlike loud, flamboyant decorations, minimalist orchid arrangements provide a visual oasis of calm. Their understated aesthetic offers a welcome respite from the sensory overload of the holidays, inviting recipients to find peace and serenity within their own homes.

The beauty of minimalism lies in its versatility. Whether your loved one favors modern chic, rustic charm, or anything in between, a minimalist orchid arrangement seamlessly blends in, enhancing the existing décor without overpowering it.

Try nesting some gorgeous jewel tone orchids into a large low bowl together, then covering the top with moss for a stunning centerpiece. 

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