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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Emma Skeates is known across social media for sharing her experiences with the menopause, and her new book, Confessions Of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother, will resonate with women of a certain age!

Covering all things menopausal ‘Confessions of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother’ is a small but perfectly formed book, which will have you laughing, crying and unable to put it down.

Emma Skeates

Through her Facebook and Instagram platforms, Emma Skeates is known to thousands of women for recounting her life as a menopausal woman. Women who have entered this challenging and uncharted stage of life will find her new book, Confessions Of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother, resonates with them.

Emma Skeates Menopause book

Emma Skeates shares the ups and downs and demands of everyday life in a way that will make her readers feel better and find humour. She writes about her life, including her experiences as a single mother, and the antics of her beloved Labrador, Spencer. She comes across as human and real, and determined to deal with everything life throws at her.

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For menopausal women, Confessions Of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother will show you that you’re not going mad, and, most importantly, you’re not alone. For the other people in a menopausal woman’s life, this book offers a real insite into the biological mayhem they are experincing on a daily basis.

A significant film company have responded to the populartity of her work, with 10,000 books already purchased by the author’s social media followers, and are looking to adapt her writings into a film!

Confessions Of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother

Confessions of the Mayhem Mother is the very real, but hilarious story of a girl with an ordinary plan; just a husband and a couple of kids. When the wrecking ball comes in and her dreams are shattered, what follows is a series of hilarious, but totally relatable events that shape hers and her small family’s life for the coming years.

Emma Skeates

Hang on to your hats, get your Tena Lady in and brace yourself for the ride of YOUR life. A funny, raw and touching story that every woman can relate, in one way or another.

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About Emma Skeates

“I am a 54 year old menopausal woman who refuses to take life, love and parenting too seriously. This is mainly because I am a walking disaster area who definitely needs cones around her! I have loved and lost, I adore my children and my dogs and my books are basically my heart and soul on a plate. They are 90% laugh until the tears run down your legs, but I keep them real, so there is pain in them too.

“With 350k followers on social media, people like to feel better about themselves, and that has always been my aim when writing my books. So, if you feel like coming on a mad adventure with me, pile in and order one of my mad inventions and enjoy the ride.”

“I am also known as “The Menopausal Mayhem Mothers” on FB and Instagram with over 350k followers where I write a blog about my daily disasters or just something to inspire and empower women. I do webinars for many corporations on the Menopause in the workplace and am also a big campaigner for more education about women’s wellbeing and mental health after 40.”

Confessions Of The Menopausal Mayhem Mother

Published by Menopausal Mayhem Mothers Ltd, the book is available in paperback (£8.09) and Kindle format (£6.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and

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