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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Bad Touching by retired OB/GYN Dr Tiffanie Tate shares important messages for children about inappropriate touching and how to get help.

Bad Touching

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ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BNNZK7HXAuthor and retired OB/GYN Dr. Tiffanie Tate addresses the difficult subject of inappropriate touching in a way that children can understand in the important new children’s book Bad Touching.

The story of two young sisters named Lillie and Linda, who just want to make every adult happy, is told in the 32-page picture book through simple language and lyric rhyme. When their mother gets a new boyfriend, he helps take care of Lillie and Linda because they live alone with her. At first, he is nice, but that changes. Lillie and Linda discover that it’s not always a good idea to make everyone happy if it hurts them in the process. This story helps youngsters comprehend and recognize harmful circumstances and gives bearings on the most proficient method to look for help.

Dr. Tate’s second book, Bad Touching, is based on her own childhood experiences. She explained that she didn’t tell anyone about the abuse until she was an adult.

Dr. Tate wants to educate children about safe people they can confide in. Her hope is that this book will help youngsters who are impacted by abuse to realize they are not alone, and that it is okay to tell. She doesn’t want them to be afraid to talk about what’s happening to them or to have to wait decades like she did.

On January 24, 2023, Dr. Tate was “badly touched” in a medical provider’s office while receiving treatment, despite her activism to assist others. It was traumatic, but instead of waiting like she did before, she immediately reached out and got the help that she needed by telling the office manager about the incident and filing a police report. The person responsbile is currently being held accountable.

While she knows that there is still a lot to do, Dr. Tate wants to be an advocate for women and children.

Dr. Tiffanie Tate

Dr. Tiffanie Tate on The Table Read Magazine
Dr. Tiffanie Tate

Dr. Tiffanie Tate is a Christian, mother, servant, listener, and retired medical doctor who hails from Compton, California. When she was in middle school, she started volunteering with her church to help the homeless in Los Angeles which sparked her interest in becoming a doctor. She observed people who were both ill and starving and felt like she needed to accomplish more than just serve food. She decided to become a doctor because she wanted to help them in meaningful ways.

Both of Dr. Tate’s parents were drug addicts, and even though she had never met her father, she had heard that he was homeless, and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was one of the people she and her church were helping.

Dr. Tate was able to thrive and achieve her professional goals of becoming a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist thanks to the support of her maternal family, particularly her maternal aunt, “Momtee”, who raised her. A physical issue prompted her medical retirement, which inspired her to persue her other passion: writing.

Additionally, Dr. Tate is a Navy veteran who served in the Global War on Terrorism. She currently teaches residents by giving lectures on obstetrics and gynecology topics because she is committed to giving back to the community. In addition, she is the author of of FloweTry: A Collection of 108 Poetic Flows on Life, Love, and Liturgical Issues, and the upcoming release, Little Engine Mia Sings, which teaches children about bullying.

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Bad Touching

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing



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