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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in an authentic account of working class life, Every Neet O’Week by James Walton, Jimmy Stott’s dart playing prowess noticed by some of the sport’s movers and shakers.

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Every Neet O’Week by James Walton on The Table Read Magazine
Every Neet O’Week by James Walton

Every Neet O’Week

Every Neet O’Week by James Walton is an irresistible romp back to the quintessential good old days of Wigan life in the 1980’s, embracing the realities and dreams of its protagonist, Jimmy Stott.

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Stuck working in a chip-shop in Wigan, and feeling a little lost in life, Jimmy Stott gets his kicks from nights at the local social club playing his beloved darts under the watchful eye of his faithful Grandad. But he isn’t just a decent darts player, he isn’t even just a good one. Jimmy’s great, and his true knack for the arrows, has been noticed by some very important people.

Can he make it in the wild world of competitive darts playing, and still maintain the family values he’s so proud to have? Or will he fall flat as he’s plunged into a world of satin-clad glamour, booze and sponsorships?

Entertaining, poignant and optimistic, Every Neet O’Week brings together a medley of authentic characters to paint an unforgettable picture of feeling stuck, working down the chip shop, the camaraderie of the social club and family connections. But its ‘cherry on the top’ has to be Walton’s decision to write in phonetic northern speech.

Celebrating a culturally identifiable element of British life which rarely takes literary centre stage, Every Neet O’Week will appeal to all those with a passion for darts and yesteryear; as well as readers looking for a novel that doesn’t involve the gentrification of its subject matter.

James Walton

James is a writer and poet. Being born and bred in Wigan his upbringing is layered throughout his work and articulated in a unique and phonetic manner to give the reader an insight into his writing and ‘Northern’ voice.

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