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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in sci-fi novel The Calling by Darren Yougson, teenager Jacob Ferguson has progressive body development and morphs into a powerful, anthropomorphic wolf-like being.

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The Calling

Inspired by some of the best horror writers, debut novelist Darren Youngson has released a page-turner of tale which is gripping readers from the get-go, The Calling.

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Protagonist Jacob is a young, adopted teenager battling strange abilities, forced to embrace them after an horrific incident transforms him into a powerful creature. He’s then plummeted into a mad world of vengeance while searching for a cure. Along the way, he uncovers a conspiracy that may change the world as we know it, with school mates (good mate Pete, and enemy, Jonesy) playing key roles in this tale of genetic manipulation, murder and dystopian mayhem

Fast-paced and combining imaginative concepts with compelling storytelling, The Calling is an impressive first novel in which Darren Youngson brings into play a vestige of good news and relevance to the here and how, with a potential cure for Alzheimer’s. Youngson is a talented new voice worthy of being sought out by fans of sci-fi and lycanthropes.

Darren Youngson

Darren Youngson’s writing kick-started after experiencing a nightmare which became vividly stuck in his mind. It refused to go away until he put pen to paper and created his first short story. From then on, he continued to write and gained the opportunity to join The Writers Bureau and undertake a writing course to help boost his knowledge of the art. Influenced by horror writers, he started work on his first novel, THE CALLING, eventually self-publishing it.

He lives in Scotland and is currently working on the second book along with other writing projects. When not writing, he can be found voraciously devouring books or exercising.

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