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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in John Barrow’s Orson And Maisie, they are creatures made accidentally from a doughball and Bluetooth chips by a domestic goddess mother and wanna-be entrepreneur dad.

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Orson And Maisie

In Orson And Maisie, John Barrow introduces readers to unique, funny and unusual powers that are a far cry from those we’ve all come to expect (particularly through the Marvel franchise). Orson And Maisie is published in e-book and paperback format as well as large print to accommodate the needs of those readers aged eight to 18 with visual impairments.

Orson and Maisie are creatures made accidentally in the Maxwell house by the mother, a Domestic Goddess, and the father, a geek, inventor and wanna-be entrepreneur. Their ‘unusual’ powers and abilities cause many problems for the family, who must work together to overcome them, leaving readers with a dilemma to think about, and questions to answer from their emotional response to the book.

Bursting with the excitement and potential that comes from being ‘blessed’ by such powers (which include generating electricity from waste food and using the Alexa PDA to access the web and make money), Orson And Maisie also focuses on the moral conundrums that come with such unusual ‘gifts’.

John Barrow

Retired public health and airline food safety consultant John Barrow lectured in Zambia for ten years, was Assistant Chief Delegate in Uganda with the International Red Cross and spent ten years travelling the world with British Airways, auditing flight kitchens and crew hotels, and now lives in the English Lake District.

His consulting business enjoyed partnerships in Germany, Kenya and Singapore. He has written four books on food safety and edited two professional journals. He has written four technical books and is now venturing into fiction for the first time. His first publication , A Convenient Case of Mistaken Identity, was written as a catharsis, when he realised that, for the first time in his life, he really hated someone enough to end their life as violently as possible. Writing it down really worked !

Among his hobbies, apart from writing, he lists fishing, photography, Indian food, and model building.

His wife is an accomplished artist, and they enjoy travelling together.

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