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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Tamarisk: Love and War in France by Angela Locke is set against the background of Special Operations Executive (F Section) and the immediate aftermath of war in Northern France.

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Tamarisk: Love And War In France By Angela Locke on The Table Read Magazine
Tamarisk: Love And War In France By Angela Locke

Tamarisk: Love And War In France

Ahead of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings on the 6th June 2024, Tamarisk: Love And War In France is the new book from best-selling author and lover of all things French, Angela Locke. Taking 43 years to research forensically, Tamarisk: Love And War In France was a real labour of love.

A fictional novel, based on factual stories, this is a story of love and tragedy set against the background of impossible odds, the French Resistance and the wartime landscape of France. Underpinned by its protagonist Pierre’s determination to survive, and efforts to heal and restore the vestiges of what has been left behind after the devastation, readers are immersing readers in the unimaginable horrors of the theatre of war.

The breadth of this novel takes in wartime England, the terrible truths of the concentration camps, the ruins of Germany and the hero’s determined search for Rebecca, a wireless operator with the Resistance and the love of Pierre’s life.

A love story that is hard to shake off, and Angela Locke’s eighth published book, Tamarisk: Love And War In France also makes a timely and eloquent reminder of ‘Lest we forget.’ Compelling, stirring and hugely evocative, this is an extraordinary read.

Angela Locke

A major theme in Tamarisk, which runs through the story, is how we deal with the Peace after War, how we survive War – if we do – and how we restore Life. The book is set partly on the farm Le Tamaris, close to the Normandy beaches where the Tamarisk bushes now bloom once again. I hope it is a book which accurately reflects those two worlds of War and Peace. The theme too is very relevant given the current war in Ukraine and all the issues it throws up for us in the West.

-Angela Locke
Angela Locke on The Table Read Magazine
Angela Locke

Angela Locke is an author, poet and journalist who grew up in Suffolk, now living in the English Lake District. She has had seven books published, some of which have been widely translated across the world. Her maternal grandmother was rumoured to be from a settled Romany family, and the tragedy of Hitler’s treatment of the Roma people is also a major theme of the story.

Angela Locke will be appearing on June 8th at Words by the Water Book Festival in Keswick which runs from 5th – 9th June 2024.

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