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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, retired London taxi driver Stephen Daniels’ epic reference book, The Songwriters Bible, details every song that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 50 UK charts from1952 to 2000.

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The Songwriters Bible

New reference book, The Songwriters Bible by Stephen Daniels, was a labour of love for both author and editor. Overflowing with forensic details, it covers every song that found its way onto the US Billboard Charts and Top 50 UK Charts during the last half of the twentieth century.

In this mammoth 600 page plus compendium, rather than detailing record labels and catalogue numbers, Stephen Daniels puts the songwriter centre stage, showcasing those responsible for the creative process behind the song, rather than those who present the music to the world.

For fans of all genres, from rock and pop, to hip-hop, grunge and everything in between, the contents and effort involved to create such a significant repository of knowledge are greatly appreciated. This is the complete history of popular music, listing every artist, song, catalogue number and record label American and British, and the chart position on the US and UK charts and around the world, with information about each songwriter and all their achievements.

With Stephen Daniels promising a further four equally knowledge-packed volumes, music fans from across the globe will be eagerly anticipating this music aficionado’s next offering.

Stephen Daniels

I have been involved in music for more than 50 years,  both as a promoter of live music and as an avid record collector.

In addition detail Billboard and UK chart toppers, this celebration of the greatest songwriters includes intriguing details from the music world that I hope readers will find of interest.

For instance, record charts in the UK began back in 1952, when Percy Dickins of the New Musical Express (NME) gathered together a pool of 52 stores willing to report sales figures. And for the first British chart Dickins telephoned approximately 20 shops, asking for a list of the 10 best-selling songs. And in the US, Billboard premiered one main all-genre US singles chart, the Hot 100 on 4th August 1958, with Ricky Nelson’s ‘Poor Little Fool’ becoming its first no.1.

-Stephen Daniels

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