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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Fie Eike invites listeners on a journey to overcome fears and explore darkness in her somber yet sophisticated single, The Nile.

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Fie Eike

Fie Eike on The Table Read Magazine
Fie Eike

Born and raised in Denmark, to Norwegian parents, Fie Eike is a composer, songwriter and producer based in Copenhagen. Her atmospheric songs and compositions are often inspired by experiences and childhood memories from nature, especially the Danish forests, the coastline of The North Sea and the fjords and mountain landscapes of Norway, where she would spend her summers growing up.

Through melodic and playful instrumentation, Fie Eike’s songs are laced with a deep emotional imprint and infused with a Nordic sophistication and mystery. Stating that visual expression is an integral part and extension of her writing and composition process, she also captures this atmosphere in photographs and other artwork.

The Nile

Fie Eike had complete creative control over her debut single, The Nile. Written, performed, produced and mixed entirely by herself, she was able to deliver an authentic and honest creation.

Inspired by nature, The Nile encapsulates the feeling of entering into a dark forest on your own or plunging into cold dark waters where you cannot see what hides beneath the surface. She invites the listener on a journey to overcome fears and explore darkness with presence, curiosity and eyes wide open, whilst also encouraging us to understand that darkness is not only something to fear but something that holds great potential for presence, reflection, light and magic.

According to Fie Eike, exploring darkness in nature can inspire us to explore and embrace the darkness in ourselves and in life, by accepting and being present with the discomfort and fear the darkness may produce, while at the same time being curious and open to the wonder, beauty and potential it holds. 

The Nile exists in a juxtaposed unafraid soundscape which is both restricted and free flowing, somber and sophisticated, yet with a dire ironic undertone. Moving elegantly between art-pop, neo-classical and electronica, this hypnotic track features an insistent slow repetitive rhythm layered with piano and drum that purports a countdown of some sort, into the unknown. Accompanied by dramatic cello, Fie Eike’s hauntingly captivating vocal moves with emotionality and elasticity.

I feel like we live in a time where we have, in many ways, developed a kind of allergy towards darkness and fear as something we should avoid. But trying to deny the existence of darkness and fear only allows it to grow over time, and eventually it gains more power over our subconscious and our lives. It is my experience, that daring to explore the darkness and being present with it, not only expands our capacity for darkness but also expands our capacity for light, happiness and joy. In the end, there is no light without darkness and no love without fear.

-Fie Eike

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