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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Martha Crumble And The Dendro Doorway by Dave Caswell teaches valuable life lessons as Martha discovers the magical world of Dendro.

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Martha Crumble And The Dendro Doorway

Dendro is the thrilling creation of Dave Caswell, and the centrepiece of his new children’s book, Martha Crumble And The Dendro Doorway. Not just captivating young minds with its exciting adventures, Caswell also uses his story to emphasize virtues like courage, forgiveness and healthy self-esteem.

The first day at a new school is always strange. But for Martha Crumble, this is no ordinary school. And as she will come to learn, she is no ordinary person.

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After an encounter with a strange cat, a message from a peculiar library book, and a trip down the roots of an ancient tree, Martha finds herself in the mysterious world of Dendro; a world inhabited by gnomes, trees, talking animals, and magic. Dendro is under attack and Martha and her friends must find and close a mysterious doorway in order to save, not only the world of Dendro, but also their own.

Fears must be overcome, courage found, and sacrifices made, in this magical and thrilling adventure where worlds are entwined, and nothing is ever as it seems.

Young readers will learn about environmental consciousness and the power of nature, all while celebrating the growth and resilience of the book’s young protagonist and heroine, Martha Crumble. This delightful adventure is perfect for explorers, dreamers and anyone seeking to nurture a more conscious and courageous next generation.

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Writing about Martha Crumble was a journey in itself. I wanted to create a world where children could learn about themselves and the environment, whilst still having loads of fun.

This book is about instilling values and sparking a love for nature in young readers. I believe stories are tremendously powerful teaching tools, and through Martha, I hope to encourage children to be brave, kind and environmentally aware. It’s a story for parents and educators who wish to inspire these important qualities in children and also for those who just love a good adventure.

-Dave Caswell

Dave Caswell

Dave Caswell has worked in International Community Development since 2004, and has a Masters in Intercultural Studies, with a specialism in ‘Children at Risk.’

Dave has lived and worked in Uganda, India, North America, and South Africa and currently lives in the UK, where he works as the Global Coordinator of Oasis Football for Life, supporting the implementation, development, and resourcing of ‘Football for Development’ projects across the global Oasis family.

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