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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Frances Bildner’s collection of poetry, Let Me Be Me, highlights the magic that happens when an alternative to today’s intensive parenting is embraced with a convincing plea for less adult intervention.

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Let Me Be Me by Frances Bildner on The Table Read Magazine
Let Me Be Me by Frances Bildner

Let Me Be Me

Poetry collection, Let Me Be Me by Frances Bildner, demonstrates her genuine passion for encouraging children to grow and develop through unhindered creativity and play. Having spent a lifetime promoting the power of play and creating art, Frances Bildner is also author of The Adventures of Four Creative Wiz Kids – All Aboard the Chocolate Bar. Each of her books provide a pertinent and important reminder of why children just need to be.

Written in exciting verse, and told from a child’s perspective, Let Me Be Me offers reflective messaging for those adults reading to their kids about keeping adult involvement in childhood play to a minimum to encourage emotional and social growth. It stresses the importance of play, friendships imagination and even advocates messy time!

Filled with colour and beautifully illustrated by Kris Lilliman, it is sure to enchant both children and adults alike. Let Me Be Me offers magic and literary fuel to encourage today’s children to embrace their imaginations and creative spirit; and share with parents and care givers why such freedom is important and needs to be prioritised.

Frances Bildner

Frances Bildner is an artist, writer and entrepreneur.

At thirteen she received first prize in the East Sussex art competition and Sir Charles Wheeler the past president of the Royal academy wanted to “wake up to the painting in the morning!”

Frances has exhibited widely in the United States, Argentina and Europe.

She was born in Buenos Aires and lived there, New York City and London. The vibrancy of these cities greatly influence her art.

In 1990 Frances started Creative Wiz Kids a children’s playgroup and holiday club where thousands of children  have come to paint, dance and make music. And have FUN!

The ethos of Creative Wiz Kids is the emphasis of process and not the finished product.

Frances has had “Expressions of an Artist- the whole Shebang” published. This is a collection of stream of conscious writing and paintings.

She loves travelling, theatre family friends and good food!

Let me be me is dedicated to her wonderfully artistic grandchildren, Laila and Dillon.

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