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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, Dino Miliotis finds a void in the movie industry, with Hollywood interest in Wilmington.

Dino Miliotis was spotted Tuesday night at a downtown eatery after reportedly scouting locations for a new movie studio. Miliotis, entrepreneur and self-made billionaire is in Wilmington to discuss building a state-of-the-art movie production facility.

There Is No Box Dino Miliotis on The Table Read
There Is No Box by Dino Miliotis

A member close to Miliotis commented the facility would eliminate the need for final finishing and edits on the West Coast saving time and millions in the process.

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Dino Miliotis

Miliotis is best known as the inventor of an all-natural insect repelling wristband Bug-Ban, making a fortune stocking the shelves of retail America. He also was instrumental in revolutionizing outsourced payroll and took a fledgling concept and turned it into into a billion-dollar a year industry.

In an interview with JJ Barnes, editor of the The Table Read (UK), Miliotis announced his memoir, ‘There Is No Box‘ where discussed his life, Foundation and unique ability to look at markets a certain way. “I see voids in the marketplace,” he explained. “I don’t focus on what currently exists, but what’s missing.”

A Future In Wilmington

It appears Miliotis has identified a void in the local movie industry, and with productions on the rise, is motivated in claiming a large chunk of the more than $400 million a year market. A source close to Miliotis explained, “he [Miliotis] sees the future in Wilmington. A streamlined facility all under one roof, that’s the future.”

According to WECT News, streaming services for movies and television shows have grown in popularity. With more people watching, studios and services are looking to create more content, which is bringing many productions to Wilmington. In 1984, famed film producer Dino DeLaurentis built the movie studio known as EUE/Screen Gems Studios. Since then, more than four hundred (400) film, television and commercial projects have been produced locally.

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