How The New Book By Dino Miliotis ‘There Is No Box Inspired Him To Start A Foundation

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One Man’s Dream… Dino Miliotis-Entrepreneur, Author, and now, Philanthropist

Dino Miliotis

There’s a lot you may not know about Dino Miliotis.  For more than 40 years, he’s been a driving force in the world of business.  From the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur and People Magazine, to interviews with Sally Jesse Raphael and Oprah Winfrey, this self-made millionaire has done it all.  And he’s lost it all, twice, to a more than 20-year addiction to alcohol.

Dino Miliotis, founder of The Hyer Calling Foundation, on The Table Read

But his story doesn’t end there.  In fact, as Miliotis puts it, it’s only the beginning. We recently featured Miliotis last September, where he announced the launch of his new book, There Is No Box.  Miliotis described how coming out of the doors of rehab empowered him to pen his life’s story—raw emotion onto paper.

“Writing my story, this extraordinary journey, I wanted to spread a message hope” he explains.  “I wanted to peel back the curtain, and let readers understand the sometimes-ugly side of success…it had to be real.”

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Dino’s Career

Miliotis, best known as the inventor of an all-natural insect repelling wristband, Bug-Ban, made millions stocking the shelves of retail America and 63 other countries.  Overnight, he revolutionized the way repellents were sold.  “Until Bug-Ban, we only had sprays and lotions,” he explains. “Bug-Ban was a new way to address those pesky, biting bugs.” But wait, there’s more.  Miliotis was also instrumental in revolutionizing outsourced payroll service as we know it.  This visionary took a fledgling payroll concept and turned it into a billion-dollar empire.

 “My claim to fame has always been looking at the market a certain way,” Miliotis said. “Specifically, I see voids in the marketplace, not what currently exists, but what’s missing.”

Dino Miliotis, founder of The Hyer Calling Foundation, on The Table Read

So, after coming out of rehab, clean and sober, and launching his new book, it should come as no surprise this dynamic personality would be at it again.  “30-days in rehab is not enough time,” Miliotis explains.  “It’s evident that care is based on what insurance can cover; something had to change.”

The Hyer Calling Foundation

With renewed purpose and feedback from his legion of fans, Miliotis listened intently, and focused on the recovery process.  “What if we tailor-made services for those on the road to recovery?” He explains.  “What if we established the gold standard in after-care, to take over when insurance runs out?” And once again, like he’s filled marketplace voids most of his career, The Hyer Calling Foundation was born. (Charitable Organization – The Hyer Calling Foundation)

Miliotis’ Foundation focuses on reducing the stigma of substance abuse addiction—in essence improving the workplace experience.  The Hyer Calling Foundation offers professional counseling, family counseling, life coaching, career counseling, job placement assistance, legal services and more.

“I feel people on the road to recovery need a second chance,” Miliotis explains.  “Given the opportunity most embrace a fresh start—but where can you go after rehab, insurance only covers a relapse, and that’s the sad truth.”

Drug Relapse Statistics

According to Better Addiction Care, (Drug Relapse Statistics and You – Better Addiction Care) the relapse statistics are but a sobering reminder of how fragile the recovery process can be.

  •  90% of heroin users relapse.
  • 90% of people with an alcohol addiction relapse.
  • 23% of cocaine users relapse.
  • 88% of methamphetamine users relapse.
  • 71% of marijuana users relapse.
  • Hallucinogen addicts have a 42% chance of relapse.

“These are numbers we can’t ignore,” says Miliotis.  “Our Foundation is doing something about it–we are facing issues head-on, offering solutions, offering hope, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.” 

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You can find Dino on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or visit my website – there’s even a free sample of the book on there.

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