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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, the man who put Claudia Schiffer in contact with Elite Model Management back in 1988, Patrick Lafontaine, released his new memoir, Walking Miracle.

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Walking Miracle by Patrick Lafontaine on The Table Read Magazine
Walking Miracle by Patrick Lafontaine

Walking Miracle

For anyone enthralled by tales and anecdotes from those who mix in global high society, Walking Miracle by Patrick Lafontaine will delight from the start as he name drops and shares stories from his razzamatazz lifestyle.

However, this memoir is so much more than a a jaunt through a life filled with fizz and froth. Ultimately, Walking Miracle is a book about understanding that dreams come true if you put in the hard work. With the title acting as a metaphor for Patrick Lafontaine’s adventuring and ability to overcome a whole host of obstacles, including finding himself a victim of the financial crisis, it doubles as a compelling survival guide for people working in a competitive industry and whose lives are filled with travel, sport and socialising.

ln 1988, Patrick, with his connections in the modelling industry, put Claudia Schiffer in contact with the Elite Model Management, where her successful career began. Throughout his life, Patrick’s social circle has involved a range of internationally minded people including celebrities, ambassadors’ sons and daughters, aristocrats, CEOs of major banks and family owners of global enterprises. An active sportsman from an early age, he is a member of the British Association of Ski lnstructors and began playing golf at the age of ten.

A keen globetrotter, he has a travelled to Latin America and the east and west coasts of the United States. Extremely familiar with many European countries, he has also made single visits to China, Hong Kong and Japan. Having finally become financially independent, he found his dream job. However, as we will discover, the financial crisis, unpleasant bosses, and various conflicts of interest have ail proved problematic.

Patrick Lafontaine

Patrick Lafontaine has lived in Washington D.C., London, Brussels, Barcelona and Luxembourg. He has worked for firms from various cultures around the globe in sectors ranging from finance to commercial real estate.

Patrick holds a BBA and master’s degree and passed the Series 7 and Investment Management Certificate.

A true adventurer, Patrick enjoys a combination of nature, travel and sports. He finds balance and happiness in a wide range of sporting activities in different environments.  And his socialising could be an example for us all. He is open to different cultures, and mixes easily with a wide range of people from a variety of social backgrounds.

Patrick’s latest achievements in terms of health and wellbeing show the control and balance in his everyday life. With hard work , he has improved his life and found a sustainable path to happiness.

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