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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, if you ever felt you don’t quite belong or that you’re different, you’re going to love Molly Mee – The Awakening by J M Duckworth.

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Molly Mee – The Awakening

Finding our place in this world is tricky for many of us to navigate, but Molly Mee – The Awakening by J M Duckworth delivers a literary epiphany for all those who believed they are the only ones struggling.

Young teenager Molly was born in a family into which she did not fit, and her daily life was filled with retribution and hurt as she bore the brunt of her siblings and parents’ pain. Finding solace in the comfort of strangers, she learned to love the unknown and embrace difference, always attracting those who chose to understand her.

While life was relentless and hard, Molly’s mind taught her how to see the world in a different way, and now she welcomes you into her world, in the hope of saviour, love and joy. This is Molly’s contribution to all those people who don’t quite fit in, don’t know their place in the world, or lack confidence or self-belief. Her message to you is to believe in yourself, because no matter what anybody says, you are worth it.

With its standout and utterly authentic protagonist, who is both like someone you known, yet like no one you’ve ever met, readers are taken deep into the realities of both Molly’s realities and her imagination. This is a story of how her searching to understand yourself often puts you in contact with those whose motives are not always on your side, and how reaching deep and using your own intrinsic powers can carve out a space where you belong.

J M Duckworth

I am fifty years old and gained my qualifications from the University of Life. I have learned that no matter what you do in life, you always end up right where you are meant to be.

My journey has been colourful. I was raised in a large family in a small village on the outskirts of an industrial town. Being a large family always meant you had someone to have your back, or else. It’s laughable because I never wanted anybody’s help or support when I was younger. I was defiant and stubborn; no matter what someone said I couldn’t do; I would go the extra mile to prove them wrong.

That trait was passed down to me from my mother. Her commitment and dedication to raising her children with pride, respect, and manners was irrepressible. My mother was the strongest and most selfless lady I have ever known, as she often went without to ensure we had what we needed.

I live every day thanking her for her strength, as her words gave me the strength to overcome adversity and the challenges that life would throw my way.

By age twenty-six, I was married with two sons who suffered a rare genetic condition—resulting in irreparable brain injury. This is when I needed the strength most. Death constantly taunted us, as resuscitation was common ground. My sons constantly battled for their lives, and we were told they would not live. They are now twenty-five and twenty-seven; I guess they also have my mother’s resilience.

Their experience led me down many paths, forging a way for others to follow. Helping many with physical disabilities overcome the bodily restrictions and live more independent lives. However, this created many fractures in my marriage and the care of my daughter.

As I aged, I began to realise that my life was all consumed by saving my boys, though I was missing all the good bits. I divorced at age thirty-five, and then I reassessed my life and where I was going. I had helped many during my years, though I had yet to recognise the need to help myself. The emotional battles and traumas I experienced nearly broke me. My heart and soul were in pieces; somehow, I had to put them all back together. How was I going to do this?

I was alone. So, I rebuilt my life the way I wanted and returned to nature. The foundations of my life were built on the farming community. Thus, this is where I began: horses, dogs, chickens, and my children. I broke free from the industry I had created and settled into a quieter and calmer way of life that made time for them.

During my journey, I found a man who shared my vision of oneness and peace, and we made a life together. We now reside in a smallholding that affords us the peace we seek. The boys live in a cottage attached to the house. Our Daughters live in the countryside, one in the UK with her girlfriend, and my daughter in New Zealand, where she is rooted with her Kiwi boyfriend.

It’s ironic. The life I so desperately wanted to change as a child is the life I have run to as an adult. This is my peace; this is my life. To be present is a gift that we should embrace daily. Life is short, and we only get one try. Or do we?

-J M Duckworth

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