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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, 50-year-old wellness coach, Lexi, receives a text from her husband that was meant for his lover in Georgie Gee’s debut novel, The Fateful Text.

Erotic Romance

The Fateful Text, an immersive novel by Georgie Gee that is listed on Amazon under erotic romance, offers a beautiful romance that is rooted in holistic exercise and wellbeing. An appendix of healthy recipes and homemade personal care products provides the reader with a peek at the principles of the holistic lifestyle and serves as an entertaining and informative introduction to this health-giving lifestyle. The story is lightly interwoven throughout.

The Fateful Text by Georgie Gee on The Table Read Magazine
The Fateful Text

Georgie Gee is set to win many fans as the books moderately aged female hero depicts serious areas of strength for a cheeky lady, remaining an option for her and denying her better half the valuable chance to control her for his own fulfillment.

With the “feelgood factor” of the person wronged emerging victorious, this stunning love story, “The Fateful Text,” is the perfect read to beat the winter blues. It is page-turning, tastefully erotic, and flows easily.

The Fateful Text

Lexi, a holistic fitness instructor who is 50 years old, was having a good time until she accidentally opened a text message from her husband that was clearly meant for his lover. At that point, her safe little world was turned upside down. Lexi disagrees with her husband Nathan’s attempts to persuade her into “letting it go” and returning to normal.

She takes a break to think things over in order to avoid being manipulated by Nathan, and she happens to meet Conrad who is in the country on busines. He is a high-flying, workaholic American businessman, and drawn to her right away. When they meet again by chance, they begin developing a friendship.

Georgie Gee on The Table Read Magazine
Georgie Gee

Lexi and Conrad end up spending an amazing weekend together despite the efforts of Lexi’s husband to convince her to return home. During this time, their friendship blossoms into the most profound connection of mind, body, and spirit. By the end of the weekend, Lexi is faced with the choice of continuing her relationship with this man, whom she now feels could very well be her true soulmate, or returning home to try to save her marriage.

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Georgia Gee

Georgia Gee explained that she had always wanted to write a book, so she decided to write a beautiful love story that included all the fundamental principles of the holistic lifestyle as a fun introduction to this healthy and life-changing practice.

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