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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Mark Lakeram’s new thiller novel, The Stitchin, is a coming of age rollercoaster of high stakes.

Coming Of Age Thriller

The Stitchin fulfills the author’s desire to get under the skin of its readers and keeps them on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The Stitchin is the author’s third novel, and delivers the full rollercoaster thriller experience by immersing readers in high stakes, unpredictable situations, tasters of what lies ahead, and a standout villain in the form of a reprehensibly evil organization.

The Stichin by Mark Lakeram on The Table Read Magazin
The Stitchin

The publication of The Stitchin demonstrates that this London-based author not only knows how to write, but that he also possesses all the prerequisites for hatching a menacing thriller through his veins.


The Stitchin

The Stitchin begins with Samuel Yates, a seventeen-year-old, being entangled in a fateful bike ride with the eponymous secret organization that controls influential global institutions. Sam and his brother Mitch are reluctantly accepted into this elite cult, and they are faced with everything from dubious feats to challenges that defy death.

The brothers must complete these tasks or risk being brutally killed. They are forced to confront the most fundamental ethical dilemmas and their own complicated personal history as they fall deeper and deeper into this criminal nexus.

Sarah Silver, a seasoned detective attempting to escape her own dark past, is caught in this perilous web. Sarah’s life becomes intertwined with the lives of the Yates brothers as a result of a seemingly unimportant case involving a missing traveler girl, thrusting her into the shadowy core of the powerful survivalist organization.

Mark Lakeram on The Table Read Magazine
Mark Lakeram

Sam must decide how far he is willing to go as the difficulties mount, and Sarah must resolve her case before they are both stitched up…

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Mark Lakeram

Mark calls London his home because he was born and raised there. His writing career began as a medical writer in medical communications. He wants to write novels that defy convention.

The Stitchin is his third novel, a grotesque and critical book. He raised the stakes in this ambitious thriller with a lot of drama and revelations. The story is awe-inspiring, abundant, and full of clever elements.

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Published on 14th February 2023, The Stitchin is available in Kindle format (£3.21 or free via app) on at

It is also available priced $3.99 on at

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