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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, That’s Okay Mental Health Support Club has been launched by children’s author and mental health awareness advocate, Chris Dixon.

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Chris Dixon That's Okay Mental Health Support Club on The Table Read Magazine
Chris Dixon That’s Okay Mental Health Support Club

That’s Okay Mental Health Support Club

Author of That’s Okay and other books aimed at mental wellbeing and awareness for young persons and adults, Chris Dixon, announced the launch of the That’s Okay Mental Health Support Club. Priced at just £8.99 per month and with no contract and cancel anytime, there are also discounts for those who have lower budgets. 

As a member you will get full access to downloadable resources to support mental health and anxiety in young adults, including full mental health and climate anxiety digital books.

That’s Okay is an emotions learning book for children, That’s Alright is an emotions book for adults and teens, and That Feels Earthmazing is an environmental book for children. There is also That’s Calm, which is a guided meditation audio book aimed at children, and That’s Happy, a rhyming story of how being kind to others can make them smile.  

Chris Dixon on The Table Read Magazine
Chris Dixon

As well as full access to the above digital books, subscribers will also have access to other audio books and animations, resources such as A4 colouring sheets that can be used at home or in the classroom, or preschool as well as the opportunity for members to request resources to be created in the future. 

In a world that is not only facing economic crisis but with the cost of living having a negative impact on people’s wellbeing, ultimately picked up on by younger family members, having access to these mental wellbeing resources for less than the price of a loaf of bread per month offers a valuable tool to parents, teachers and teens alike. 

Chris Dixon

My aim is to provide useful and valuable tools to help with mental wellbeing, my aim is to create new resources each month that members can download based on members requests. I love creating whether its animations, illustrations and with my own mental health struggles before I am a big advocate of helping other people out, and this being the perfect platform to do so.

-Chris Dixon

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