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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new single from Noanne, White Glove, is infused with a sense of magic and fairy-tale-like wonder, juxtaposed with the somber reality of a fading love.

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Noanne on The Table Read Magazine


Emerging from Prague, Noanne is an artist painting vivid landscapes of raw emotions and unconventional perspectives through music. Her mesmerizing tapestry of sound draws listeners into her realm of introspection and self-discovery.

A delightful enigma, Noanne finds solace and inspiration within her introverted nature, with the stages of theater, the reels of film, the realms of music and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming her sanctuary. Shedding the veil of self-consciousness and stepping into the spotlight of pure artistic expression, these immersive artistic mediums reveal her true essence, leaving no corner of her soul unexplored. 

White Glove

Following the release of her debut single Goodwill, Noanne’s hauntingly beautiful new song, White Glove, weaves a narrative deeply infused with a sense of magic and fairy-tale-like wonder, juxtaposed with the somber reality of a fading love.

White Glove tells the story of a woman who, immersed in the echoes of a once vibrant relationship, finds herself clinging to the threads of a story that has lost its colour. Drawing inspiration from the artistic motifs of Marc Chagall, the story is painted in vivid hues of love, enchantment, and sorrow. 

The removal of the white glove is her desperate, almost theatrical attempt to challenge the norms, to provoke a reaction from her beloved, as if beckoning him to a duel not of swords but of emotions and memories.

Chagall’s ability to blend reality with fantasy, to imbue the mundane with a sense of the extraordinary, mirrors the song’s exploration of a love story that oscillates between the realms of a dreamy past and a stark present.


White Glove is an invitation to set aside the rational world and enter a space where emotions are raw and unfiltered, offering a rare opportunity to engage with music on a profoundly personal level and allowing it to become a part of your own emotional and sensory tapestry.

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