Peaky Blinders Has The Most Hidden Filming Location from Netflix Shows

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With the new season of Peaky Blinders coming to our screens on Sunday 27th February, there has always been a sense of excitement to visit a city or beauty spot made famous by your favourite movies and series. But are there any filming locations within a short travelling distance from home which you might not be aware of?

With online interest in Netflix filming locations increasing by 150% in the past week, the experts at were curious to uncover the most hidden Netflix filming locations, by finding the least tagged on Instagram – making it easy for fans to visit them without facing the crowds.

The Ten Most Hidden Filming Locations

RankNetflix showFilming locationTotal number of Hashtags
1Peaky BlindersPowis Street, Liverpool, England204
2Money HeistCallao Square, Madrid, Spain275
3The Vampire DiariesThe Mystic Grill, Georgia, USA345
4NarcosBolivar Park, Bogotá, Columbia421
5Top BoyDe Beauvoir Estate, London, England448
6Breaking BadTo’hajiilee Reservation, Albuquerque, USA918
7SuitsBay Adelaide Centre, Toronto, Canada1,263
8Outer BanksHunting Island lighthouse, South Carolina, USA1,596
9After LifeGadebridge Park, Hertfordshire, England1,933
1013 Reasons WhyVirginia Street, California, USA2,311
Powis Street, Liverpool. Peaky Blinders Has The Most Hidden Filming Location from Netflix Shows, on The Table Read
Powis Street, Liverpool

Famous for Peaky BlindersPowis Street in Liverpool is Netflix’s series most hidden location with 204 hashtags. This historical fiction filming location has been tagged 89% less than Gadebridge Park, also in England (Hertfordshire), which is where various After Life scenes were filmed. Powis Street is perfect for fans looking to wander around the location imagining how the 1900s would be.

The second most hidden Netflix filming location is Callao Square in Madrid with 275 hashtags on Instagram. This spot is no stranger to Money Heist fans, as the famous banknotes shower takes place here, along with the Professor announcing Rio’s incarceration to the public. 

Ranking in third is The Mystic Grill in Georgia (USA) from The Vampire Diaries with 345 hashtags – 85% less than Virginia Street in California from 13 Reasons Why in tenth place with 2,311 hashtags.

The Ten Most Popular Filming Locations

RankNetflix showFilming locationTotal number of Hashtags
1Stranger thingsStone Mountain, Georgia, USA597,134
2Alice in BorderlandShibuya Crossing, TokyO, Japan390,393
3Sex EducationForest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England278,301
4House of cardsPark Avenue, Baltimore, USA268,834
5Emily in ParisJardin du Palais Royal, Paris, France35,068
6OzarkLake Allatoona, Georgia, USA33,857
7BridgertonHatfield House, Hertfordshire, England30,495
8The CrownWilton House, Salisbury, England12,863
9RiverdaleSweetwater River, Wyoming, USA11,285
10YouYork Avenue, New York, USA5,263
Stone Mountain, Georgia. Peaky Blinders Has The Most Hidden Filming Location from Netflix Shows, on The Table Read
Stone Mountain, Georgia can also reveal that the most popular Netflix filming destination, according to Instagram, is Stone Mountain in Georgia (USA). With an impressive 597,134 hashtags, the Stranger Things filming location has 53% more hashtags than Japan’s famous Shibuya Crossing from Alice in Borderland which places second (390,393 hashtags).

In third place is Sex Education’s Forest of Dean, which has also been used as a filming location in the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises. The enchanting wood has 278,301 hashtags on Instagram – 2063% more hashtags than the fellow UK filming location Wilton House in Salisbury from The Crown (12,863).

Placing fifth is Emily in Paris with 35,068 hashtags (Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris). This beautiful park is the perfect place to stroll around and sit on the exact bench Emily sat on. Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris has 15% more hashtags than popular Netflix show Bridgerton’s Hatfield House in Hertfordshire (England) with 30,495. With the second season of Bridgerton dropping next month, it is expected that the popularity of Hatfield House on social media is bound to increase.

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