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The Society of Eight: Young heroes rise from the pages of this dark fantasy adventure to do battle with an evil sorceress and her armies for the survival of humanity.

The Society Of Eight

This is Dominic Danvers’s first book of a series and ‘The Society of Eight,’ subtitled ‘Volume 1 – The Compendium of Alchemists Abstruse Contrivances,’ is a wonderful start to a run of novellas planned by the author. Indeed, Volume 2 is already well underway.

The Society Of Eight by Dominic Danvers on The Table Read

The heroes of this piece are five ordinary kids who must don the mantle of supernaturals to protect the Order of the Society. Their foe is the Wiccan, an evil sorceress who has four entire armies of bad doers at her beck and call. More will be revealed about the origins of the Wiccan and her armies as the series progresses… and indeed the fate of the young heroes. The author describes his work as a “fantasy adventure for all ages.”

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Dominic Danvers begins his tale of dark forces and young heroes in 1945. This automatically conjures up images of a war-torn Britain, bleak and barren after the noise and celebratory VE Day images have faded. It continues in the modern day. His narrative in introducing the first five of eight is both colourful and detailed.

We get to know Tom, Zoe, Charlie, Stephen and Alexander straight away as they’re introduced to the reader in turn as if they were turning up one after the other to be greeted at our front door. In so doing, one senses there is a lot of potential in these bright young things, despite the oppressive environment in which they are placed. This younger generation inspires hope and, as duty calls, are committed to ensuring the survival of the Order and their elders to whom they owe so much.

‘The Society of Eight: Volume 1 – The Compendium of Alchemists Abstruse Contrivances’ will enthral and looks set to be a fascinating foundation to the rest of the series from Mr Danvers’ fertile imagination.


The Wiccan has been plotting an attack against the Society for hundreds of years and has finally discovered the secret location of their home – the Sanctuary.

Tom, Zoe, Charlie, Stephen and Alexander are torn from their ordinary lives and thrown into their predestined roles as the new generation of Emissaries within the Order of the Society, guardians who protect the world from dark supernatural forces.

These young heroes rally to survive with the help of the old generation, their Custodians and the Great Cats to save humanity from the malevolence of the Wiccan.

The Society Of Eight by Dominic Danvers on The Table Read

Crossing the globe in the present, past and future, they must find the last three to truly harness the power of the Society of Eight and do battle against the Wiccan and her armies of the Unremembered, the Wretched, the Infernal and the Cimmerian.

About Dominic Danvers

Dominic Danvers was born in London, UK but spent much of his childhood by the sea on the Dorset coast. This has influenced his storytelling and coastal locations and the sea often feature.

He grew up reading Enid Blyton’s adventures of ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘The Secret Seven’ but his favourite book remains Umberto Eco’s ‘Foucault’s Pendulum.’

Dominic was a school governor for several years. He is a lawyer and francophone and lives with his wife and daughter.

Dominic is halfway through his follow-up book and has a website dedicated to his first book and the series:

He is currently working with the talented narrator, Alexandra Lee Smith, to produce an audiobook.

Find the book now:

‘The Society of Eight: Volume 1 – The Compendium of Alchemists Abstruse Contrivances’ (ISBN 9798547896651) is self-published by the author, Dominic Danvers. It is available at Amazon in paperback RRP £6.99 and in Kindle, RRP £2.99. An audiobook version is planned for release on Audible in October. Details at:

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