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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, new self help book, The Little Book Of Positivity – A First-Aid Kit For Your Well-Being by Faye Edwardes, inspires readers to take control of their own happiness.

The Little Book Of Positivity – A First-Aid Kit For Your Well-Being

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0C3VX6T7V&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=jjbarnes 21&language=en GBir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0C3VX6T7VWith her new book, The Little Book Of Positivity – A First-Aid Kit For Your Well-Being, entrepreneurial mum of two, Faye Edwardes, is another step closer to her goal to empower over 1 million people world-wide to take action and take control of their own happiness.

Entrepreneur, property developer, author, writer, podcast host and Founder of the Positive Living Movement, Faye Edwardes, is a Positive Mindset Expert and a Positive Psychology Coach who helps people across the world. No matter what their background or circumstances, Faye aims to help them integrate positivity into their lives to transform their lives and businesses in healthy and sustainable ways.

Anxiety Relief, Naturally.

Faye shares some great tips and tricks in The Little Book Of Positivity that we can all use ourselves and also with our children. She covers topics such as self confidence, calmness, mood, focus, gratitude, courage, early morning routines, daily habits, relationships, and fun.

Faye Edwardes

After a childhood of achieving academic success and performing in theatre and dance, Faye Edwardes spent a gap year in Madagascar and Israel before attending Queen Mary University of London. However, when Faye entered the world of work, enjoying a successful career in sustainability and publishing, she lost the shiny confidence she had enjoyed as a child. She started to feel drained and worthless, knowing there was more to be achieved but finding that her limiting beliefs were starting to take over. This is when her real quest for happiness and positivity began…

“The reason I wrote the book, is because I want to change lives – a bold statement I know, but I really do! You see, just a few years ago, my life was so completely different. I was tired, drained, stressed, riddled with self-doubt, low self-esteem and social anxiety. Then, from the depths of desperation, I saw a light. Literally. It was mental. It was all down to ME. I could choose to change my outlook and mindset and work on me.”

Faye Edwardes

Career In Positivity

Having spent most of her life city living, her continued quest for freedom and happiness saw Faye and her family moved from South London to a forest in the middle of nowhere in Herodsfoot, Cornwall. Faye explained that it was a huge and an exciting challenge to go on her continued personal growth journey, and in 2016, she started to study and develop a tool kit of skills, knowledge and techniques that she could rely on when she needed them.

Faye Edwardes on The Table Read Magazine
Faye Edwardes

Now a qualified sound therapist, meditation leader, Reiki practitioner and NLP practitioner, Faye meditates regularly, has cut out alcohol and developed an outlook and mindset that gets more and more positive. This is what inspired her to go all in and change careers from sustainability and publishing to positivity.

Faye’s Work

Faye started her first podcast, The Confidence, Happiness and Positivity podcast, in 2018, and launched the Sober Stories podcast in 2019 inspired by her own alcohol free life. This year, Faye also launched the 101 Ways to Chill Out podcast, which casts a hilarious raised eyebrow over the whole wellness industry.

In 2021, Faye began studying Positive Psychology and became a certified Positive Psychology Coach with the PPCA (Positive Psychology Coaching Academy). Now a Master Positive Psychology Coach with the PPCA, Faye has continued to study positive psychology and is also a consultant coach for a number of other international organisations.

Faye now works with people all over the world having founded the Positive Living Movement and the Positive Mindset Academy in 2019. She now feels happy and free and able to thrive and flourish.

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