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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, high performance coach and public speaker, Moses Nalocca, has released a new book, More Gratitude,  to help readers change their lives for the better using gratitude. 

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More Gratitude on The Table Read Magazine
More Gratitude

According to high performance coach Moses Nalocca, a key element to achieving real success in life is being thankful, and focusing on positivity. In his new book, More Gratitude, he explains that by writing down the moments in their life that they feel grateful for, readers will be able to look back over those experiences when they need strength and inspiration. 

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Gratitude is tied in with stopping to see and value the things that we frequently underestimate, like the people around us, having somewhere to live, food, clean water, companions, family, and a reason to live by. At the point when you center around what you are thankful for, you vibrate on a higher frequency and you will be shocked at the outcomes you can accomplish. Assuming you are grateful, you can’t be angry or anxious. As far as Moses Nalocca is concerned, gratitude is an attitude of grace.

Combining the elements of a gratitude journal with a written guide, More Gratitude is a workbook which includes stories from Moses’ own personal journey and practical exercises to complete.

Moses Nalocca on The Table Read Magazine
Moses Nalocca

Moses explained that with More Gratitude, you can capture all of life’s special moments and gifts, so when you may be feeling less strong and in need of inspiration in the future, you can refer back to it, regain your strength and remember what a wonderful world we live in.

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Moses Nalocca

The 39-year-old founder of the Upper Echelon Coaching Academy, Moses Nalocca, from London, published his memoir, More! – Become More – Give More, in February this year, sharing the story of his life and his drive to help successful people, such as athletes and business owners, to become top of their fields. Now, More Gratitude, is designed to be used as a companion book to More!.

Moses has worked with some of the world’s most famous and admired figures in business and self-actualization, including Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Gary Vaynerchuk, and is on a mission to train 1,000 new coaches and trainers by 2025.

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