Pumpkin Carving Expert Shares Her Tips

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Szimonetta Zombori Pumpkin Carving Sculptor Artist on The Table Read
The Table Read Most Read Award Winner

Written by Szimonetta Zombori


Hungarian born artist Szimonetta Zombori has carved an international award-winning career as an artist, by using unusual materials as her canvas.

Food Sculpting

After training as a stone-sculptor, she then discovered a love for carving different foods including watermelon, cheese and pumpkins. Her creative talents have seen her collaborate with brands such as Google, Coach New York, Loreal, Aldi, Carlsberg, Sainsburys, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child London.

She has now turned her hand to creating artisanal chocolate artworks, which she sells as gifts on www.rosegoldgrey.com. The bars are hand-painted using edible paints and decorated with 3D chocolate figures.

Where To Buy Her Art

Szimonetta Zombori Pumpkin Carving Sculptor Artist on The Table Read

All of Sisi’s creations can be personalised and are perfect for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life’s special occasions. They are gifts that you won’t find on the high street.

Sisi said: “I have truly found my passion in life – food carving! I always thought my dream was to be a professional artist, sculptor or maybe a painter who got a workshop at home. It seemed like an appropriate dream given my professional stone sculptor qualification. I yearned to learn more and more, and do something a bit different. And that’s when it happened, the spark I was missing ignited.

Since then, I can’t get enough. So Rosegold & Grey artisan gifting was born. This is something that people can’t find on the high street or anywhere else. To buy similar handmade chocolate bars they have to fly to Russia or Amsterdam,but the style and quality won’t be the same because the original from Rosegold & Grey.”

Top 5 carving tips from Szimonetta Zombori Carving Designer

1. Have a carving plan.

Szimonetta Zombori Pumpkin Carving Sculptor Artist on The Table Read

I never start to carve my pumpkins without plan. You have to think over what you will cut out and what you won’t touch with your knife. First I draw out the design with a pen onto the pumpkin and start carving away after that.

2. Keep a water bottle handy

Pumpkins are losing a lot of moisture while you carve them. So one thing I do while carving is I am constantly spraying it, trying to keep it wet. That helps it to stay workable. When I finish with the carving, I wrap with cling film and I remove it only before I put the carving on display.

3. Don’t only use the traditional pumpkin carving set

If you want to try different type of pumpkin carvings this year and not a traditional jack o lantern style than you will definitely need some of these: exacto knifes, saws, clay sculpting tools. One of my favourite one is linoleum cutter; it’s great for doing intricate designs.

Szimonetta Zombori Pumpkin Carving Sculptor Artist on The Table Read

If you want to go for the traditional jack o lantern style you will need a stainless-steel good quality saw, poker tool, and pumpkin scraper. You will notice a difference how easy will be to work with these tools.

4. Use an electric light

Pumpkins get really bright, but they don’t give off heat. You want to keep the pumpkin as cold as possible, and if you have a heat source inside of it, the pumpkin is gonna start to cook inside. So if you use electric light you will also give a longer life to your carving. I recommend LED light.

5. Always pick a pumpkin with stem.

Most of the people use the stem to carry the pumpkin but you shouldn’t do that. Please never pick up a pumpkin by the stem, it will snap off and cause the pumpkin to rot more quickly.

Szimonetta Zombori Pumpkin Carving Sculptor Artist on The Table Read

More from Szimonetta Zombori:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sisi_food_sculptor/

Websites: www.sisifoodsculptor.com and www.rosegoldgrey.com

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/sisifoodsculptor/_created/

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