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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Julia Heywood’s The Vacuum Cleaner Allergic To Dust, Vinny The Vacuum and his friend embark on a mission to cure his dusty allergy.

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The Vacuum Cleaner Allergic To Dust

With a beautiful rhyming narrative, and highlighting that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes, The Vacuum Cleaner Allergic To Dust enchants with its lovable protagonist and moral message.

The Vacuum Cleaner Allergic To Dust is a fun-to-read-aloud rhyming story about Vinny Vac, a vacuum cleaner allergic to dust! In this humorous and heartwarming tale, Vinny and his kind friend carry out his master plan to fix his problem, demonstrating that it’s okay to ask for help, and that a helping hand is often all you need.

Julia Heywood’s imagination knows no bounds, and her whimsical writing style inspires laughter, curiosity and wonder in children. Believing storytelling has the power to inspire young minds and spark their sense of wonder, fostering important values and life skills is also a theme that runs throughout her writing, whether it is aimed at children or adults.

This must-have children’s picture story book is further brought to life by the efforts of award-winning Ukrainian illustrator, Valeriia Proskurina, with vivid and imaginative illustrations. Keeping children ages 3-7 years laughing, and adults smiling, from start to finish, this story will keep everyone captivated until the very end.

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Julia Heywood

I feel fortunate to experience synesthesia. It’s a pretty cool and unusual neurological condition where your senses ‘cross over.’ So, for example, you might see colours when you hear music, or taste words when you speak them. Your brain creates unexpected connections between things that most people keep separate. It’s a fascinating aspect of my life which influences my writing style and approach. It makes for a really beautiful and colourful way to experience the world.

-Julia Heywood

Julia Heywood pens playful tales for little ones and witty, thought-provoking musings for the ‘slightly’ grown-up.

Living on The Isle of Wight, also known as The Isle of Write, Julia draws inspiration from this jewel of an island in the same way that many other literary heroes have done in years gone by, including Dickens, Lord Tennyson and Enid Blyton.

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