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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Shamera by T S James, the next sorcerer’s apprentice Shamera’s life is turned upside down when the evil sorceress returns forcing him to learn his craft quickly to save the Second Realm.

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In Shamera, the first instalment of a planned trilogy by debut author, T S James, fantasy literature’s magical ability to transport us to entirely new worlds while still reflecting our own experiences and emotions is exemplified.

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Protagonist Shamera has always wanted to be the next Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and when his world is turned upside down as an evil Sorceress returns, he gets the chance.

Shamera by T S James on The Table Read Magazine
Shamera by T S James

When the Great Verazslo is kidnapped, Shamera must quickly learn his magical art. He needs to seek out the Elvenii before the Blood Moon has waned and give them the crystal shard for its protection. However, there are evil forces who want the crystal for themselves and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

When the destructive Sorceress begins to ravage the region, Shamera is sent on a quest to an unknown land. He must decipher an encrypted map and search for a mysterious weapon, to help defeat the evil Sorceress in battle. The fate of the Second Realm rests on Shamera’s young shoulders.

Whilst a tale of a protagonist who finds himself having to save his community, T S James is also keen that his Shamera helps readers to nurture their own self-belief.

This page-turning addition to the ever-popular fantasy genre is suitable for all ages, and leaves readers enthralled and eager to learn what is ahead for this affable young hero.

T S James

With a nursing background spanning some 25 years in the NHS, I have now transitioned into semi-retirement, seizing the opportunity to venture into writing.

As an author, I offer readers the enchanting experience of journeying with characters, delving into their hopes, fears, and their evolving roles. My passion lies in crafting accessible fantasy fiction, a gateway to captivating realms. Through my stories, both young and adult readers are captivated by intriguing facts and historical elements in the books.

My aim is to inspire individuals of all ages, nurturing their belief in achieving more than they imagined. In life, just like in our childhood, we undergo similar stages of growth and development.

-T S James

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