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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out research into which cast memebers are the richest Instagrammers from American Horror Story: Delicate.

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American Horror Story: Delicate

In the twisted tapestry of “American Horror Story: Delicate,” horrors lurk around every corner, shadows stretch to terrifying lengths, and… wait, is that Kim Kardashian posting just-baked cookies from the set? In season 12, the iconic anthology series has taken a turn for the meta, not only welcoming reality TV royalty to its blood-soaked halls but also blurring the lines between terrifying performances and lucrative influencer deals. But who, amidst this ensemble of scream queens and social media darlings, reigns supreme in the kingdom of Insta-fame and sponsored posts?

Get ready, ghouls and dolls, because we’re about to crack open the coffin of influencer-dom and delve into the blood-soaked bank accounts of “Delicate.” We’ll dissect follower counts, dissect engagement rates, and expose the secret formulas that turn bloodcurdling screams into viral clicks. From the seasoned queens of Instagram like Emma Roberts to the reality TV titans making their AHS debut, we’ll crown the influencer royalty of this season based on cold, hard cash…

So, buckle up, darlings, for a ghoulish exposé of social media fortune in the shadows of Hollywood horror. We’re about to uncover which “Delicate” stars have mastered the art of turning on-screen screams into social media screams of success.

Lights, camera… monetize!

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Richest Instagrammers From American Horror Story Delicate

New data from online casino comparison service has revealed the most influential cast member of American Horror Story: Delicate through Instagram posts. The Instagram following, engagement rate, and average likes of each cast member have been analysed through an Instagram marketing calculator to reveal how much they could earn from a sponsored Instagram post.

Kim Kardashian

Trading her Calabasas glow for the ghoulish shadows of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian sheds her skin (as one might do in Hollywood) to become Siobhan Walsh, a ruthless publicist with a hunger for fame that rivals a vampire’s thirst for blood.

Siobhan is a viper in stilettos, her perfectly contoured face twisting into chilling expressions, her perfectly manicured nails digging into vulnerable spines. Kim, long celebrated for her unflinching composure, now relishes the opportunity to crack, her eyes flashing with manic desperation and her voice dripping with barbed-wire wit. It’s a performance that both horrifies and mesmerizes, reminding us that beneath the glossy veneer of celebrity lies a darkness waiting to be unleashed.

But Siobhan is more than just a monstrous caricature of reality TV fame. She embodies the industry’s insatiable hunger, its ruthless manipulation, and its willingness to sacrifice anything for a headline. We see her claws out for her client, Anna (Emma Roberts), a pregnant actress desperate for an Oscar. Siobhan becomes the embodiment of a warped ambition, twisting Anna’s dreams into grotesque parodies of success.

Yet, amidst the terror, Kim’s comedic timing glimmers like a diamond chip in a bloodbath. Her delivery of Siobhan’s acerbic one-liners is so perfectly timed, so deliciously deadpan, that we almost find ourselves rooting for the villain. There’s a wink and a nod to her reality TV persona, a self-awareness that adds a layer of complexity to the portrayal.

With a massive 364 million followers on Instagram and an average of 1.1 million likes per post, Kim can expect to make at least an estimated £614,506 per sponsored Instagram post, making her the biggest earner out of the American Horror Story cast. Over the past 30-day period, Kim has accumulated an additional 876,454 followers, so her earning potential is set to rise even further.

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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne comes in second place as the biggest Instagram-sponsored post earner, potentially earning £72,083 per post. Cara Delevingne can attribute her 42.7 million Instagram followers to her successful modelling and acting careers.

Nurse Ivy, played by the ever-shifting chameleon Cara Delevingne is more than just a chilling presence, Ivy’s enigmatic nature and ambiguous motives have become a central pillar of the season’s unsettling allure.

Delevingne, known for her effortless ability to morph between personas, is perfectly cast as Ivy. Her piercing blue eyes, usually shimmering with mischief, now hold a depth of secrets, a quiet malice that sends shivers down your spine. She glides through the corridors with an unsettling grace, her smile a chilling enigma, leaving you questioning her true intentions.

Is she a guardian angel, fiercely devoted to protecting Anna, the season’s protagonist? Or a manipulative puppet master, pulling the strings of fate with hidden agendas? The show plays with these uncertainties, dangling clues like breadcrumbs, each hinting at Ivy’s deeper purpose. Her connection to the recurring nursery rhyme about rocking a baby boy and her uncanny resemblance to a mysterious woman haunting Anna’s past fuel the flames of speculation.

Cara, like Kim, is making her American Horror Story debut, which could lead to future characters in later seasons of the franchise, in true Ryan Murphy fashion.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is the third highest-paid cast member through Instagram posts, with the potential to earn £37,714 per sponsored post.

Emma Roberts takes on a new kind of nightmare as Anna Victoria Alcott, a rising actress consumed by the siren song of Hollywood fame. But beneath the designer dresses and glittering awards ceremonies lurks a fragile woman grappling with grief, desperation, and a sinister pact made for an Oscar.

Gone are the sharp-tongued queens and witty villains that Roberts has made her AHS calling card. In Anna, she embodies a vulnerability, a raw desperation that claws at your empathy. We see it in the tremor of her voice as she begs for a child, the flicker of fear in her eyes as she confronts the monstrous consequences of her ambition. Roberts masterfully navigates the tightrope between ambition and obsession, blurring the lines between desperate mother and pawn in a sinister game.

Anna’s journey is a descent into paranoia and the uncanny. As she navigates the labyrinthine world of IVF and Hollywood power plays, Roberts paints a hauntingly believable portrait of a woman unraveling at the seams. Her descent is punctuated by moments of chilling self-awareness, flashes of lucidity where she questions her choices and glimpses the monstrous price she has paid for success.

But even in the face of this creeping horror, Roberts never lets Anna become a mere victim. There’s a fierce maternal protectiveness that flickers within her, a desperate determination to safeguard her unborn child even as the world around her twists into grotesque shapes. This internal conflict fuels Roberts’ performance, creating a captivating tension that keeps you glued to the screen, unsure if you want to scream for Anna or scream at her.

Roberts, Kardashian, and Delevingne have all been featured on American Horror Story posters sporting white hair, long white eyelashes, pale skin, and red lips with spider imagery featured throughout.

Odessa A’zion

Odessa A’zion is the fourth biggest cast earner from Instagram, as her 953,019 followers and 171,539 average likes per post earn her an estimated £2,441 per sponsored post. A’zion has the most significant engagement rate out of all the cast members, at 18.03%; this means that a large proportion of her followers interact with her Instagram posts making her more desirable to sponsors.

In this twisted tapestry of ambition and horror, Odessa A’zion emerges as a captivating enigma: Gracie Walsh, a young woman shrouded in secrets as thick as the fog that clings to the story’s gothic edges.

A’zion, best known for her chilling portrayal of Riley McKendry in the “Hellraiser” reboot, brings a similar intensity to Gracie. But this time, it’s shrouded in an unsettling vulnerability. Her wide, expressive eyes are windows to a soul haunted by unseen trauma, her haunted gaze conveying a depth of unspoken pain that chills you to the bone.

Gracie’s true connection to the season’s unfolding mysteries remains tantalizingly obscured. Is she a victim of circumstance, swept into the dark undertow of Anna’s desperate desires? Or is she a cunning puppeteer, manipulating events with unseen threads? A’zion expertly straddles this ambiguity, her portrayal oscillating between fragile innocence and a flicker of chilling self-awareness.

One moment, she’s a frightened girl seeking refuge in Anna’s gilded cage, clutching a tattered teddy bear and singing haunting nursery rhymes. The next, she’s a manipulative presence, wielding cryptic warnings and unsettling pronouncements with a veiled smirk. This duality keeps you guessing, constantly questioning Gracie’s true motives and the depths of her secrets.

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Michaela Jae Rodriquez

Despite having more followers than A’zion, Michaela Jae Rodriquez comes in fifth place with £2,362 in potential earnings per sponsored post. Rodriquez has 1.3 million followers but loses out to A’zion with her considerably lower engagement rate of 3.01% and 41,739 average post likes.

Rodriguez, renowned for her groundbreaking portrayal of Blanca Evangelista in “Pose,” brings a captivating complexity to Nicolette, blurring the lines between guardian angel and cunning manipulator.

Nicolette is the calm amidst the storm of Anna’s unraveling world. She’s a soothing presence, offering words of comfort and practical advice as Anna grapples with grief, paranoia, and the creeping horror unfolding around her. Rodriguez imbues Nicolette with a warmth that draws you in, a maternal tenderness that makes you trust her implicitly.

But beneath the surface of this reassuring exterior, there’s a hint of something… else. A subtle glint in Rodriguez’s eyes, a knowing twist to her smile, hints at hidden depths to Nicolette’s character. We learn she’s a new mother, a single parent navigating her own struggles. This vulnerability adds a layer of humanity to her, making her feel relatable even as the shadows around her grow longer.

As the season progresses, Nicolette’s true motives come into question. Is she truly just a loyal employee caught in the crossfire of Anna’s desperation? Or is she playing a more active role in the unfolding drama, wielding a hidden agenda like a gleaming knife in the dark? Rodriguez expertly maneuvers through this ambiguity, feeding our growing suspicions with subtle gestures and cryptic utterances.

Ryan Murphy

An honorable mention must be made to the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, who has 1,022,126 Instagram followers, an average of 52,000 likes per post, and an estimated earning potential of £1,728 per sponsored post. 

Estimated earnings per Instagram sponsored post for American Horror Story: Delicate cast members (£) *

Cast MemberInstagram HandleInstagram  FollowersEngagement RateAverage LikesFollowers gained in 30 daysEstimated earnings per post (£)
Kim Kardashian kimkardashian364,308,2580.31%1,120,080876,454614,506
Cara Delevingnecaradelevingne42,734,6591.15%490,914-59,37072,083
Emma Robertsemmaroberts20,580,2381.83%375,919169,99434,714
Odessa A’zionodessaaazion953,01918.03%171,539-7,6922,441
Michaela Jae Rodriguezmjrodriguez71,399,7883.01%41,739-1,2702,362
Zachary Quintozacharyquinto930,6074.11%37,750-1212,359
Annabelle Dexter-Jonesprincesssummerfall59,76116.68%9,872-614239

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has cleverly cast one of the most famous influencers in the world, Kim Kardashian. The combination of Kardashian and American Horror Story fans could lead to the new season of the chilling show becoming a huge success with an increase in viewers. As Kim Kardashian ordinarily takes to the screen in the form of her world-famous reality TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians now known as The Kardashians, it will be interesting to see Kim take on a dark and challenging role.

-A spokesperson from

*The data is unavailable for some cast members. The most significant characters missing from the statistics are Julie White, Matt Czuchry, and Debra Monk who do not have Instagram profiles. 

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