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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Rosie Brown’s Why Hares Have Big Ears launches her new fifteen-part children’s book series about how each animal became the creature we know today.

Why Hares Have Big Ears by Rosie Brown on The Table Read Magazine
Why Hares Have Big Ears by Rosie Brown

Why Hares Have Big Ears

Rosie Brown launches her collection of short stories with the natural world at its heart, The Why and How of Animals series, with Why Hares Have Big Ears. Bursting with fun facts and beautiful illustrations, this series is destined to become a go-to read for all youngsters, whether at home or school.

Why Hares Have Big Ears is first book in the ‘Why and How of Animal’ answering a range of evolutionary conundrums. This collection of 15 short tales written and illustrated by Rosemary (Rosie) Brown, such as why wolves how, why giraffes are so tall, and how the leopard got its spots, encourages youngsters to embrace nature and always to wonder about the backstory of how the animal world evolved. Each picture book focuses on a different animal and tells the fictional story of how they became the creature we know today.

The next book in the set is ‘How The Snake Lost Its Legs’ due to release on the 1st November this year, with a book a month following it till the entire series is complete. A pictorial and literary delight, this series also makes the perfect Christmas gift for all those seeking inspiration on what to buy their young and enthusiastic naturalists.

Rosie Brown

I hope my books inspire children with a sense of imagination and a love for the earth; and that those who read the books will grow up questioning the world, and that they will be encouraged to make a positive change.

-Rosie Brown

Born in rural Norfolk in 1997, Rosie Brown grew up in the country where she discovered her love for nature and animals. She remains fascinated by the beauty and harmony of nature that arises from the struggle for survival. After completing a 3D diploma in college, she went on to complete a three-dimensional honorary diploma at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Since completing her diploma, she has successfully run her own art studio in Stockport, developing and expanding her creative flair for sculpture and illustration. More recently Rosie has expanded her love of nature by writing a series of children’s books.

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Why Hares Have Big Ears is priced £6.99 and is available on Rosie Brown’s Etsy site at


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