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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Mike Wall captivates youngsters with a passion for space in his new book, The Amber Moons as a plucky trio encounter the feared Green Aliens and fight to secure their new home.

The Amber Moons by Mike Wall on The Table Read Magazine
The Amber Moons by Mike Wall

The Amber Moons

Written for eight- to twelve-year-olds, Mike Wall’s new space adventure, The Amber Moons, was inspired by his grandson, Oscar, and is guaranteed to tick all the boxes for those youngsters who dream of space travel and facing the mysteries of unknown worlds.

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The Amber Moons bursts with adventures of good overcoming evil for Captain Oscar and his friends, captains Olive and Noah, their unexpected foes (Green Aliens), and their newfound friends (The Dark Moon and a Drag Pod).

When the 26 Alphabet Moons were devastated by a Weather Bomb only three moons escaped. Together in their Space Transporters, Captains Oscar, Olive and Noah set course for a distant constellation of stars known as the Amber Moons. They arrive at a small planet just north of the Amber Moon and launch three Space Probes to begin an initial exploration.

Captain Oscar travelled to The Great Forest with Red and Polly and into an adventure they could never have imagined. The three stumbled onto signs of intelligent life, a forlorn cry from deep in the forest led them to  a creature known as a Drag Pod who they released from a cruel trap. His story was remarkable. It ended by warning them of the evil Green Aliens who visited the planet.

Captain Olive with Ben and Holly set up a communications base near to a Great Lake, while Captain Noah with Kitty and Tom travelled to the Blue Mountains discovering a magnificent underground lake, large bones, and a mysterious cone shaped object. They also found caves where blue and silver rocks were scattered having been recently mined.

But when the Green Aliens arrive and demanded the Silver Rock everything changes. Can they defeat the Aliens with their newfound friends and superb flying skills, would the vicious Solar Storm help win the day?

With other planets in the Amber Moons constellation still ripe for exploration, children and parents alike will be hoping Mike Wall is already contemplating where these young adventurers will head next.

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Mike Wall

Having spent 24 years as a magistrate on the Reading Bench, Mike Wall was awarded an MBE for his service to education in 2018. He now runs a small promotional gifts business.

The Amber Moons is his first published work and was inspired by his grandson Oscar.

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Independently published, The Amber Moons is available in hardcover (ISBN No: 978-1-3999-4815-9). It is available from Mike Wall Books – email:

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