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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in new book, The Men I’ve Hated, Tinatswe Mhaka takes readers through her relationships with men from childhood to adulthood, and the effect they’ve had.

Written by Tinatswe Mhaka, ‘The Men I’ve Hated’ is a book that will open the eyes of men and make women nod their heads in silent, powerful agreement. Told from the perspective of a Zimbabwean woman, ’The Men I’ve Hated’ is a stirring examination of the role patriarchy plays in female existence, from birth through to adulthood.

Women’s Lives

As the entire world watches the United States with bated breath, wondering if Roe vs. Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court, women’s rights campaigners and advocates know the decision will have wide reaching effects across the globe. Tinatswe Mhaka, author, lawyer and activist, is uniquely qualified to speak on the intricacies of feminism, empowerment and the myriad injustices that women face. 

Mhaka’s new book, ‘The Men I’ve Hated’, is a book that will resonate with women living through the age of #MeToo and the possible dissolution of abortion rights. Readers will get to know the protagonist inside and out, through the lens of her experiences with men – both agonizing and loving.

The Men I've Hated by Tinatswe Mhaka on The Table Read
The Men I’ve Hated

The novel poses many compelling questions as it explores the devastating ramifications of the patriarchy on the lives of women and girls. 

The Men I’ve Hated

‘I imagined myself as the spirit that made sure the tassel did not break when they hung it on the ceiling or in a tree. I imagined myself holding onto the rope watching their necks break and bodies lifeless, far away where they could never hurt anyone ever again.’

A Zimbabwean woman takes readers on a journey through relationships with men from childhood to her adulthood. She interrogates the meaning of freedom and her place in the world through her experience of patriarchy in family, love and inescapable burdens of womanhood

Tinatswe Mhaka

“I am a feminist,” says Mhaka. “First and foremost – and that is the perspective with which I approach everything I do, from my advocacy, my work within the law, and my writing. With this book, my goal was to get down to the bones of the male / female relationship. What damage can it cause? How are women affected by the patriarchy and how is their growth stifled?”

Continuing, “Across the world, there’s a vast number of injustices faced by women – the recent news of Roe vs. Wade possibly being overturned just confirms that we are going backward, not forward. I work every day to bring justice for women and this book is a part of that – it’s dedicated to women everywhere. I hope to be their voice when they cannot speak.”

Tinatswe Mhaka on The Table Read
Tinatswe Mhaka

Tinatswe Mhaka (BA) (LLB) is an author, lawyer, feminist digital storyteller and activist from Harare, Zimbabwe. Tinatswe is the founder of Feminist Voices Zimbabwe, an organisation strengthening gender advocacy and access to justice through documentation and dissemination of information.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Tinatswe is passionate about digital media and the mainstreaming of injustices prevalent against women in the global south.

She has numerous publications related to the emancipation of women through law and policy. Tinatswe has previously had stories published in Turquoise Dreams, a short anthology by Zimbabwean women. She is an Atlas Corps Editorial Fellow at the Leonardo International Society of Arts, Science and Technology.

About Carnelian Heart Publishing Ltd

Samantha Rumbidzai Vazhure established Carnelian Heart Publishing Ltd to publish her own books in the first instance, where she advocates equality, mental health, the welfare of women and children, empowerment of women and survivors of abuse, the welfare of immigrants, amongst other causes. She decided to expand the publishing business by offering her services to other authors, and by helping specific groups of writers to get onto the global scene, in order to amplify their voices as part of her advocacy work.

Through this platform, Samantha seeks the most authentic voices from the most unlikely places, to bring a new flavour of story-telling to global readers.

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