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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, Womanifest is the new female empowerment festival for women and girls, organised by author of “Woman Up”, Jodie Salt, featuring vulva body cast art by Lydia Reeves, and support for teenage girls from Girls Out Loud.


Womanifest, The Table Read

Cogs are already in motion for the eagerly anticipated personal development, wellbeing and empowerment festival for women – Womanifest – which is for all ages running from 17-18th September, 2022 in Cheshire. 

This festival is spearheaded by Founder, and mum of 3 teenage girls, Jodie Salt, 43, from Frodsham. Jodes is a qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach, a 21st century feminist and best-selling author of ‘Woman Up – the 21st century women’s guide to being assertive’. She is hosting Womanifest supporting Girls Out Loud as the exclusive charitable beneficiary – a social enterprise working with young girls from the age of 12 to empower them to channel their potential and make better life choices.

Jodie Salt

Jodie Salt - photo credit Ailsa Bee Photography, Womanifest, The Table Read
Jodie Salt – photo credit Ailsa Bee Photography

Founder of Womanifest, Jodes Salt said: “Womanifest is no boring conference or exhibition – it’s a full-on FESTIVAL! It’s all about women having fun, learning how to put themselves first, get what they want, surround themselves with other fantastic women and have access to a huge range of learning and expertise that can help them to make changes in their life and feel inspired and empowered, bringing everything a woman needs to live the happy, fulfilling and successful life she deserves into one place for an epic weekend of liberating experiences!”

Wall Of Vulvas Art Installation

As part of the forthcoming festival, alongside; fire and glass walking, a Wim Hoff breathwork session and ice dipping, silent discos and more… Womanifest’s Jodes Salt is also partnering with Brighton-based artist, Lydia Reeves, to create ‘Festi-vulva’ a wall of vulvas art installation and they are currently looking for women and people with vulvas, aged 18+ to take part.  

Jodes Salt continues: “This might seem a bit of a shocking initiative – but why is that? It’s because as a society this feels out of our comfort zone. We are doing this to get women and girls to reconsider the expectations they have of themselves and their bodies – not just this particular part, but we are leading with this to get people to sit up and listen. No two vulvas look exactly the same – but many women don’t know that – especially young women who feel they are different and long for a designer vagina.  This is why we have decided to create this art piece as part of Womanifest, to celebrate, to inform and to show women both young and old, that vulvas are all different and that the words vagina and vulva shouldn’t be embarrassing but championed and a part of our everyday dialogue.  

Celebrating The Female Body

“I hope that many women and people with vulvas, will come forward to take part in this art installation. My hope is that this art piece will help us start conversations, tackle social issues, help to ease genital anxiety that many people feel and allow us all to celebrate our bodies and our unique womanhood.”

Research shows that many women are ashamed or embarrassed about their vulvas, with increasing numbers turning to cosmetic surgery in pursuit of genital ‘perfection’, with a dramatic rise in labiaplasty surgery – in 2016 this figure was up 45% on 2015 – the biggest growth of any cosmetic surgery procedure, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery[1]

Girls Out Loud

Founder of Girls Out Loud, Jane Kenyon said; “I truly believe that the pursuit of perfection is one of the biggest anxieties and stresses women face in today’s society. When it comes to the perfect designer vagina, I believe that has become more prevalent in the digital generation where porn is so easy to access and so openly shared and discussed.  This places even more pressure on girls to look like Porn Barbie! It saddens me that this is the case – but it doesn’t shock me as having worked closely with young girls for the last 12 years I know this to be true.

“Being a teenage girl in the world today is a challenge and attempts to retain an element of individuality are threatened on a daily basis by the media, celebrity culture, premature sexualisation, peer pressure and bullying, lack of positive strong female role models, privacy invasion and misuse of the internet, and increase in aggressive behaviour amongst girls, to name a few… This backdrop is leading to a generation of teenage girls arriving at puberty with a full on identity crisis. Eating disorders, promiscuity and teen pregnancies, body dysmorphia, self-harming, binge-drinking and substance abuse, panic attacks and exam anxiety, are just some of the symptoms apparent in their behaviour.

“Not surprisingly we now have a confused generation, disengaging from education and the world around them which leads to low aspirations, poor body image, fickle self esteem and a confused identity.”

Lydia Reeves

Lydia Reeves, 30, is a Brighton-based Female Body Casting artist and will be helping Jodie pull together this art work, Lydia is also the author of ‘My Vulva and I’, she said: “I have been a Female Body Casting Artist for over 3 years now. Similarly to the iconic feminist art work by Judy Chicago ‘The Dinner Party’ in the 1970’s, and the more recent work of Jamie McCartney’s ‘Great Wall of Vagina’, together with Jodie, we saw a need for Womanifest to celebrate vulvas in the UK, and I am so excited to be helping put together this celebratory exhibition – ‘Festi-vulva’.

Jodie Salt and Lydia Reeves on The Table Read
Jodie Salt and Lydia Reeves

“I am delighted to be championing a vulva-positive community and I’m hopeful that slowly but surely we’re turning a bit of a corner when it comes to women and people with vulvas feeling less pressure and more liberated.”

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Jodes has already had her cast made and said of the experience; “The whole experience is liberating…. I really felt like I was celebrating my individuality, something we don’t do enough as women these days. Being given the chance to actually mark this celebration of me, with something significant, that mother nature gave me and a part of my body that I am super grateful for, was really empowering.” 

Body Casting

Would you like to be one of the 100 people to have their vulva body cast  for Womanifest? You can either visit Lydia’s cast studio in Brighton for a discounted price of £175 (this price includes £5 donation to charity Girls Out Loud), or you can purchase a DIY casting kit £67 + £12 p&p (each kit makes x2 vulva casts) – following the art exhibition in September, you get to keep your own cast. For more information, or to let Jodie know you’re taking part, please email:

To find out more about Womanifest – a personal development, wellbeing and empowerment festival for women who want more… raising funds to support the awesome work of Girls Out Loud, held on 17th and 18th September in Cheshire, please visit:

Find More From Womanifest

Jodes Salt – You can connect with Jodes via Facebook – @jodesSalt or Instagram – @jodes_salt


What: Womanifest – – Womanifest is for women, it’s a festival of all things womanly, female and feminine. It’s a personal development, wellbeing and empowerment festival for women who want more! 

When: 17th & 18th September 2022 

Where: Cheshire Glamping, Lady Heyes Park, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6SU 

How: Educate Empower Inspire Liberate Entertain.

Tickets For Womanifest

There’s a range of tickets on offer from single day tickets for Saturday or Sunday, to weekend tickets and even a VIP option, not to mention the all important daughter/teenager tickets – 

●      1 day ticket – £59.00 

●      2 day ticket – Weekend – £99.00 + £0.00 booking fee

●      VIP Weekend ticket – £199.00 – Includes access to VIP area, meet the speakers, goody bag, pamper treatment, lunch & drink vouchers

●      1 day ticket – Daughter/Teenager – £10.00  (Age 12-18. Must be accompanied by a responsible adult/parent over the age of 18)

●      2 day ticket – Daughter/Teenager – £20.00 

●      Why not make a full weekend of it?!  In true festival style, there’s glamping galore available for you to stay and enjoy the whole weekend. From basic & deluxe glamping pods and stagecoaches and RV’s there’s also the option to bring your own caravan or MoHo, your own tent or maybe even hire one of our luxury tents in the bell tent village (oh and there’s also the Great Big Sleepover Tents)… there’s something for everyone and every budget!

Find more from Girls Out Loud

Girls Out Loud – – Manchester-based multi-award winning social enterprise, Girls Out Loud offers programmes empower girls to channel their potential and make better life choices. 

Founder, Jane Kenyon said; “We are dedicated to raising the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK.  We are passionate about empowering girls to find their voice. Our programmes are all about embedding more confidence, emotional resilience, self-assurance and self-esteem.  In turn, this leads to real aspiration, real change and long lasting success. We want to inspire girls to believe in themselves, know they are enough and encourage them to find their inner gumption to make the right choices.”

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