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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, with drama, love, affairs and secrets on almost every page, Shibden Love & Money By L.A. Greenan brings readers up close and personal with the Burnside family.

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Shibden Love & Money

For fans of family drama and Yorkshire life, L.A. Greenan’s Shibden Love & Money will be right up your street.

Shibden Love & Money bursts with Yorkshire spirit and straight talking as it details the mayhem and the ripple effects of an affair in the Burnside family, and the fates, friendships, and passion of protagonists Hannah and Dylan, their interconnected family and close friends.

In a town that stands out for its individuality, the green hills of the Shibden Valley hide tales going back centuries. Love can be a powerful thing; it affects everyone differently. How we chose to act on it can determine the lives of those we hold dear.

Hannah Burnside thought she had it all. An adoring husband, a happy daughter, and a home overlooking the valley built out of love and trust. That was until Dylan broke her heart, leaving only her oldest friend and business partner Ruth, to help pick up the pieces. (Their little shop ‘Pleasure Not Sin,’ is always a welcome distraction.)

Dylan does not know how face up to what he has done and a life without Hannah he cannot comprehend. At first running away was the answer, but then suddenly all is not what it seems.

Family life never stops being complicated especially when you have a controlling mother like Martha Burnside watching your every move. She is the most influential woman in the valley, and nothing gets past her.

One family funeral sets off a chain of events, opening old wounds, hidden secrets, and allowing the chance of new love to grown.

One thing is for certain, Halifax is never quiet for long.

L.A. Greenan on The Table Read Magazine
L.A. Greenan

Penned as a result of L.A. Greenan challenging herself during Covid to do everything she believed she could, Shibden Love & Money is not only a great read, but one that showcases that ‘giving it a go’ is a great mantra to live by.

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L.A. Greenan

L.A. Greenan is a Scottish writer and actor who has been living in Yorkshire for most of her adult life. A believer in personal growth, she decided to put her stories to paper because she believed that she can, and she did.

I decided when I turned 40 in lockdown, to do everything I believed I could, but I daren’t. Act, write and play piano – piano lessons still pending.

-L.A. Greenan

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