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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, BBC’s The One Show has collaborated with Shakespeare North Playhouse to give opportunities to young playwrights in As You Write It.

As You Write It

As You Write It is an exciting collaboration between Shakespeare North Playhouse and BBC’s The One Show that showcases the work of talented young playwrights, giving them the opportunity to have their work performed on the Cockpit Theatre stage.

A national writing competition for 7-16 year olds called for young playwrights to submit their work with the chance to see their plays brought to life on the Cockpit Theatre stage at Shakespeare North Playhouse.

Out of the thousands of entrants received, three talented young writers were selected to develop their plays alongside professional writers and actors including screenwriter and novelist Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

BBC The One Show, Shakespear North Playhouse, As You Write It, on The Table Read
As You Write It

The One Show with Shakespeare North Playhouse

Head of The One Show Rob Unsworth comments “We’re thrilled to have had the best seats in the house to follow Shakespeare North Playhouse from the early stages of its construction through to its debut production in the Cockpit Theatre- and of course to see the progress of our brilliant competition winners as they’ve taken their plays from page to stage. We can’t wait to see them performed for the first time.”

The plays will be shown on the Cockpit Theatre stage on the 9th and 10th of September,  and will be the first productions to take place using Shakespeare North’s in-the-round formation and the first productions to take place in the Cockpit Theatre.

Creative director of Shakespeare North Playhouse, Laura Collier says “It’s such an inspiration to see these 3 incredibly talented young playwrights showcasing their work on our very own Cockpit stage. Partnering with The One Show to find Ruby, Ana and Rosie has been a joyous process and I can’t wait to watch their debut productions as they come together under the direction of the brilliant Jude Christian.”

Assisting in the development and direction of these plays is director Jude Christian ‘Working with these young writers has been a joy. The plays are bold, irreverent, searching and surprising- they speak directly to their audiences (in every sense), and I can’t wait to put them on their feet. If Ana, Rosie and Ruby are the future of theatre, we’re in good hands.’


The three winners have also had the chance to see their plays designed by set designer Abby Clark ‘It’s been a real pleasure and privilege designing for As You Write It and working with the writers and Jude in translating these three fantastic pieces of writing onto the Shakespeare North Playhouse stage. There’s so much joy, imagination and depth in the three plays that they are each a delight to design for.’

As You Write It, The One Show, The Table Read
As You Write It

As You Write It is unashamedly theatrical, like opening a toy box full of joy! These are bold, generous and confident plays that we think you’ll love.

Our talented playwrights and their plays are as follows:

Act 1: All the World’s a Stage by Ruby (15) from Lancashire – a comedy set in modern-day Liverpool. It’s a story about the relationship between a schoolgirl and her imaginary friend – William Shakespeare!

Act 2: Nectarine by Ana (17) from Brighton – a powerful story of friendships, family and relationships. A warm hug of a story that stands up for people’s differences. One big party and we’re all invited.

Act 3: Telling Tales by Rosie (11) from Ayrshire – Who pushed Jack down the hill? Our best loved nursery rhymes have been turned on their head to create a mystery that needs to be solved, and fast!

Inspiring for all ages alike, this show puts young writers and their characters centre stage and gives us a refreshing take on identity and being who you want to be.

About Shakespeare North Playhouse

Located in Prescot this ground-breaking new venue is home to the only 17th-century style, timber-built “Cockpit” theatre outside London, able to configured in to two formations end-on and in-the-round. Built entirely during the pandemic thanks to public funds and donations, the new venue is anticipated to attract over 140,000 visitors a year to the region. Lead architect for the project is Helm Architecture, and Austin-Smith: Lord as support architect.

Housed inside this modern, energy-efficient building, the venue is also home to a fully-accessible outdoor performance garden funded by the Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation, exhibition gallery, 60-seater studio theatre, learning centre, events spaces, and a café and bar with outdoor piazza.

Find more now:

Tickets can be bought online, by telephone or at the shop inside Shakespeare North Playhouse

Booking Line: 03003034204

Instagram- @shakespearenorthplayhouse

Twitter- @shakespearenp

Facebook- /shakespearenorthplayhouse

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