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Designer and songwriter Sharon Glassman writes for The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, about her musicals gifts business, Smile Songs.

Sharon Glassman Smile Songs on The Table Read

Written by Sharon Glassman

As the designer and songwriter of greeting cards and gifts that sing, I get lots of fun questions from folks. Here’s my story, with thanks for your interest!

Who are you?

I started my career as an introverted fashion writer in New York City.

Butterfly Sticker, Smile Songs, Sharon Glassman, The Table Read
Butterfly Sticker, Smile Songs

It was such an exciting time, professionally. Personally? It was super-challenging, because I was terrified of interviewing people.

To distract myself, I’d do phone interviews standing in my bathtub. Being in such a goofy place, would make me laugh. And that would make me feel less afraid of asking questions of people I admired. But I couldn’t take my bathtub with me for on-site meetings, so: not a total cure for my fears.

At a certain point, I started telling reported stories on stage. That format felt much more comfortable for me. I traveled across the United States performing people’s love stories, stories of women in science and giving from the heart.

Then? I added music to these stage stories. And found my calling.

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How did music change your life?

I’ve always loved acoustic music. Played violin and guitar as a kid.

I didn’t go as far as I could have with it, because I heard growing up that being a professional artist wasn’t in the cards for me (no pun intended!). I was supposed to be a lawyer.

But now, as an adult performing for a living, I was inspired by music’s healing powers. And songs became a vital component of my stories.

First, I added classical music to a stage story. Then, I collaborated with a renowned pop artist on a 10-minute musical.

Smile Songs Lyrics, Sharon Glassman, The Table Read
Smile Songs Lyrics

I picked up my violin. Dusted off my old guitar.

Risking Everything

Soon after that, I got two letters in the mail. The first said my office lease would end in two months. The second said my apartment lease would end in two months.

Before you could say, “Risk everything,” I was living in Colorado and playing fiddle in a country rock cover band.

From there, it felt natural to start playing guitar in my own band. Writing songs. And singing them.

One day I heard my boyfriend (now my husband) introduce me as a singer-songwriter. And I thought, “Wow! I am.”

Where did the idea for Smile Songs singing cards come from?

Smile Songs were inspired by a fan at one of my live music shows. They said: “If only we could take you home and enjoy your songs while seeing the happy vibe you create.”

I pondered this request for a bit. What kind of happy product could I make sing? And realized folks of all ages love greeting cards.

I couldn’t stop smiling! Being a greeting card designer was another dream of mine, one I’d put on hold while I pursued careers that I was “supposed to do.”

Over the next few months, I learned digital graphic design. Created a home recording studio. Taught myself music production.

But how would I make my cards sing? (Can’t wait? See the answer here)

Happy Bee Day, Smile Songs, Sharon Glassman, The Table Read
Happy Bee Day, Smile Songs

After some R+D, I realized QR codes were perfect for smartphone lovers. More eco-friendly than plastic chips. And with a little love, I could make them look pretty cute, too.

The response to Smile Songs greeting cards was so encouraging. I began to add music to other things folks loved: stickers, magnets, wall art.

Were there any bumps along the way with Smile Songs?

Definitely! Some people warned me against using QR codes on my products. Said they were ugly, wouldn’t catch on.

But my gut said I was on the right track. And as it turned out, I was.

Another bump: I still get nervous about contacting store owners, but I grow more confident every time I see a stockist or customer jump with joy and say, “I love this!”

What are some of your best-selling Smile Songs products?

May Your Bold Dreams Bloom is a best-seller in every product category. The design features a growing flower with a typography stem and makes beautiful encouragement wall art, a great graduation card, delightful stickers for your water bottle, laptop. They sing this song:

Product link:×10-print/

Happy Bee Day is a really popular birthday card. It features the Smile Songs bee and plays this song about personal growth:

Product link:

Introvert AF, Smile Songs, Sharon Glassman, The Table Read
Introvert AF, Smile Songs

Singing stickers are very popular among kids and grown-ups, too. This You Are Magic sticker not only sings for you. It has glitter. And sings this song:

Product link:

And, our Introvert AF sticker and art print are another best-seller. Yay, introverts!

Product links:

What have you learned as a performing artist running a one-woman creative business?

There’s an element of performance in business. Connecting with your audience. Reading the room. Deliver a message of love and hope and beauty and kindness with all the instruments at your disposal. And those instruments include your Self.

Where can folks connect and shop with you?

Follow me on Insta:    Twitter: @sharonglassman

Shop my online store:

Order Wholesale:



Smile Songs is also featured on the new Tailorie App. Its mission is to help real people find good things they truly love, made by real people they can trust.

I feel like they may have some introverts on their team.

Anything else?

Thanks for chatting with me! If anyone has any more questions you’d like to ask me, I’d love to answer them.

ps: The Table Read readers can get 20% off when you join the Smile Songs mailing list:

Smile Songs product links:

Musical greeting cards:

Musical Stickers:

Musical Wall Art:

Introvert Gifts:

Photo Credits: Sharon Glassman, Smile Songs

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