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On The table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, hand drawn NFT collection, CaniSpacien, sold out in minutes.


Space dogs are now roaming freely in the universe. A unique hand drawn NFT collection, CaniSpacien, sells out in minutes during the WL mint. Collection did not even get to Public Mint! Now available on

The Free NFT collection, promoted without a utility, lit on fire the NFT market during the WL mint and suddenly within minutes were all minted.

Patrick Ashworth, the Galactic President, states: “These are difficult times for the crypto and NFT markets, but we felt it was important for us to launch a high-quality collection which was solely focused on the art, and not the promise of something else down the road. As a team, we have all worked extremely hard to make CaniSpacien a reality and as lovers of space, it is the start of an exciting space journey”.

CaniSpacien NFT Collection on The Table Read

The team are super excited and are now working on the next stage of this cosmic journey.

Space Dogs

This unique hand drawn series creatively plays with a space dog who evolves in a space environment on another planet. There are only 4,444 CaniSpaciens. Nukhet Cetin, the artist behind the collection, states: “CaniSpacien is the first character to be fully released in the journey of Homo Spacien which explores how humans will evolve in the colonization of space. The collection was created as digital collage art using geometrical shapes and comprises 262 hand drawn traits in 12 categories and have come together using computer-generated software”.

The CaniSpacien Holders get awesome art, but they also get first access to the female Homo Spacien NFT collection ( launching on 18th October.

NFT Collection

Homo Spacien will be the first NFT collection sending NFTs into space! CaniSpacien Holders who have the “shield” trait on their NFT, and a Homo Spacien with a shield, will be part of a raffle to have their NFT sent to space and officially authenticated. This momentous milestone in the cosmic journey will be filmed.

CaniSpaciens and Homo Spaciens love their planet and want to protect it. We are committed to mitigating the carbon footprint of the NFT mint by protecting nature and planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions. The CaniSpacien Public Mint was planned for the day of “The Merge” celebrating the Ethereum network becoming more environmentally friendly. Join CaniSpacien in helping our planet!

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