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Podcast hosts are regularly on the look out for guest speakers, and for Sue Bowles that is her speciality.

Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles, Podcast Guest Speaker, on The Table Read
Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles is a survivor turned author, speaker, and Master Certified Life Coach. Having done the hard work of healing from a childhood rape, an eating disorder, other sexual assaults, and being twice suicidal, Sue now defines the effect the life-altering events have on her. The events no longer define Sue; she defines them.

“Being a podcast guest has been powerful in helping break the stigma around mental health struggles,” explained Sue. “The stigma is different in various countries, and talking about it normalizes it more. I have been blessed to now be an international podcast guest, appearing on award-winning podcasts.”

My Step Ahead

Sue leads My Step Ahead, an organization committed to breaking the stigma around mental health struggles. “You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you” is the bedrock to the value Sue brings. She helps stuck people get unstuck by discovering Hope, journeying together for the next step ahead.

Whether speaking on a podcast, a stage, or one-on-one, Sue’s enthusiasm is contagious, shining the light of hope wherever the listener needs, cheering them to see their dreams become present reality.

Sue’s award-winning first book, “This Much I Know…The Space Between” is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Find More From Sue Bowles: (FB – My Step Ahead) (Twitter – My Step Ahead)

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