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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out a playlist of the best way up songs to listen to for a motivational start to your day.

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The struggle is real: that insistent snooze button and the battle to crawl out of bed. But what if we told you there was a soundtrack to conquer your mornings and jump-start your day with a surge of motivation?

This isn’t just a collection of catchy tunes; it’s a carefully curated mix designed to lift your spirits, ignite your inner fire, and propel you into a productive and positive day.

So, ditch the snooze button, grab your headphones, and crank up the volume! Let’s dive into the world of “Way Up” anthems and discover the perfect playlist to launch you towards a day filled with purpose and productivity.

Analyzing over 600,000 songs from Spotify playlists containing continuing the words ‘wake up,’ ‘motivation,’ and ‘feel good,’ the study by Bedroom Furnishings experts Bed Kingdom ranked songs based on Energy, Danceability, and Valence to determine the top tunes to kickstart your day.

Top Ten Best Wake Up Songs

10. The Weeknd – Popular (with Playboi Carti & Madonna)

Popular by The Weeknd, which has gathered more than 80 million views across the official audio and music videos, is the joint-ninth best song to wake up to and is awarded 290.5 points in this study.

The Weeknd has expressed a desire to co-write and co-produce a “classic Madonna album,” highlighting his admiration for Madonna as a “visionary.” This collaboration on Popular for the hit HBO Original Series The Idol might reflect The Weeknd’s long-standing wish to work closely with Madonna, making the track a significant milestone in his career​. 

9. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Feel So Close by Calvin Harris, which has been viewed more than 300 million times on YouTube, is the joint-ninth best song to wake up to and is awarded 290.5 points in this study.

An interesting fact about the song is that Calvin Harris did his own guitar work on it, showcasing his multi-instrumental talents beyond his well-known skills as a DJ and producer. This track is especially notable because Harris had to return to singing on it after previously stating he had stopped singing in concerts, highlighting his versatility and dedication to the song’s success​.

8. Spice Girls – Wannabe

Wannabe by The Spice Girls, which has amassed more than 600 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded 14 years ago), is the eighth best song to wake up to and is awarded 292 points in this study.

This debut single by the Spice Girls catapulted them to global fame and became emblematic of the ’90s pop music scene, illustrating the group’s immediate and lasting impact on pop culture. 

7. Travis Scott – I KNOW ?

Travis Scott’s I KNOW ? has the highest Danceability score on this list, contributing to his joint-sixth ranking, earning 293.5 points in this study.

The song explores Travis Scott’s personal experiences with fame and relationships, touching on honesty, vulnerability, and the complexities of love under the spotlight. The title reflects an awareness of how his lifestyle affects his romantic connections, blending upbeat sounds with introspective lyrics for a nuanced look at his life.

6. Redbone – Come and Get Your Love

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone ranks joint-sixth in this study, with 293.5 points. It also has the second highest ‘Valence’ score in this list. 

This song found new life through its feature in “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014), where director James Gunn chose it over “Hooked on a Feeling” for the opening scene with Peter Quill. This decision spotlighted the song’s timeless charm and significantly contributed to the film’s unique blend of humour and adventure, reintroducing the 1974 hit to a modern audience and showcasing the profound impact of music in cinema.

5. Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Escape by Rupert Holmes takes the fifth spot in this study with 294 points.

Escape by Rupert Holmes was reintroduced to a new audience through its feature in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Selected by director James Gunn for its ’70s vibe and nostalgic appeal, the song helped establish the film’s connection to Earth and the lead character’s backstory. Its inclusion highlighted the timeless nature of music and its power to connect generations. It was also featured in 2004’s Shrek. 

4. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk places fourth in this study with 299 points.

Uptown Funk, featuring Bruno Mars, soared to global success, topping the charts in 19 countries and reaching the top 10 in a further 15 with its catchy funk and soul essence. Its blend of vintage and modern vibes, alongside viral dance videos, solidified its status as a modern classic. The track highlights Ronson’s production skills and Mars’s vibrant performance, marking a significant moment in the revival of funk music.

3. Paul Russell – Lil Boo Thang

Paul Russell – Lil Boo Thang places third in this study with 300.5 points.

Paul Russell’s Lil Boo Thang catapulted from a brief TikTok clip to a viral summer hit, blending ’70s funk with modern vibes and showcasing the unpredictable power of social media in music. Initially shared for fun, the song’s rapid popularity led Russell from a tech job to a Billboard-charting artist with Arista Records. Emphasizing positivity and joy in his music, Russell’s journey from an accidental viral sensation to a music career highlights the new pathways to success in the digital era.

2. Outkast – Hey Ya!

Hey Ya! by Outkast is the second-best song to wake up to and is awarded 303.5 points in this study. It also has the highest ‘Energy’ and ‘Valence’ scores in this list.

Hey Ya! by Outkast, a genre-defying hit from 2003, combined funk, rap, and pop into an unforgettable anthem. Known for its catchy chorus and vibrant energy, the song, alongside its iconic music video, captured global attention (and helped to put Polaroid back on the consumer map.) Featured on the dual album “The Love Below/Speakerboxxx,” it showcased André 3000’s creativity and left a lasting mark on music and pop culture.

1. Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. (SKRILLEX REMIX)

The Skrillex remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ is the best wake-up song, with 312 points.

The Skrillex remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” released in 2017, infuses the original with electronic dance elements, diverging from its piano-based production. The track complements Lamar’s “DAMN.” album, with the music video for the original song featuring rich symbolism and achieving over 950 million YouTube views. “HUMBLE.” garnered critical acclaim, including six MTV Video Music Awards.

For those eager to explore the entire wake-up playlist of more than 200 songs, check out the specially curated Spotify playlist here:

RankSongArtistEnergyDanceabilityValance (more points = happier song)Score
1.HUMBLE. – SKRILLEX REMIXSkrillex46.5135130.5312
2.Hey Ya!Outkast48.5109.5145.5303.5
3.Lil Boo ThangPaul Russell35127.5138300.5
4.Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)Mark Ronson30.5129139.5299
5.Escape (The Pina Colada Song)Rupert Holmes25.5126142.5294
=6.Come and Get Your Love – Single VersionRedbone40109.5144293.5
=6.I KNOW ?Travis Scott31139.5123293.5
8.WannabeSpice Girls43115.5133.5292
=9.Feel So Close – Radio EditCalvin Harris46106.5138290.5
=9.Popular (with Playboi Carti & Madonna)The Weeknd34129127.5290.5

The study not only identifies the songs that energize and uplift but also celebrates the diversity of music that can inspire our mornings. This study is a testament to music’s power to start our day on a high note.

Our curated Spotify playlist brings the study’s insights to life, offering a mix of songs that promise to energize your mornings. It’s more than just tunes; it’s your daily dose of motivation and joy, handpicked to jump-start your day positively.

-Ashley Hainsworth, managing director of Bed Kingdom


To determine the best songs for waking up and starting the day, this study used a Spotify playlist analyzer to look at more than 600,000 tracks from 3,000 Spotify playlists with themes of ‘wake up,’ ‘motivation,’ and ‘feel good.’ The songs were combined into a single list, and duplicates were removed. The study focused on three critical attributes of each song:

Energy: The song’s intensity level indicates its ability to energize listeners.

Danceability: A song’s rhythm encourages dancing, reflecting its physical engagement.

Valence: The song’s ability to evoke happiness, measuring its positive mood impact.

Danceability and Valence were given extra weight, considering their importance in enhancing morning mood and motivation. Songs were ranked based on scores in these three areas to create a top-ten list of wake-up songs.

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