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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Camilla Kerslake and her husband Chris Robshaw started the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation to support underprivileged children with access to arts and sports education.

Kerslake Robshaw Foundation

Camilla Kerslake, a BRIT nominated soprano, is one of the few state-educated opera singers in the UK. She is passionate about promoting children from more diverse backgrounds into classical music and sports. Along with her husband, Chris Robshaw, a former England Rugby captain, Camilla established the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation in 2022.

Camilla Kerslake and Chris Robshaw on The Table Read Magazine
Camilla Kerslake and Chris Robshaw

Their goal is to combat the ongoing elimination of arts and sports programs from our curriculum by providing music and sports opportunities to disadvantaged and at-risk children.

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Arts And Sports Education

In August, figures revealed that state-educated children are not taking or being offered adequate music and drama courses, and that instruments, teachers, venues, and other resources are lacking. as demonstrated by in this Guardian article. This is very different from many fee-paying schools which often have many music halls, pipe organs, choirs, and hundreds of staff members who are focused on the arts.

Children in need of music and sports are the focus of Camilla and Chris’ foundation. They are eager to promote the therapeutic potential of music and sport for children from vulnerable or at-risk backgrounds. Every child’s well-being, confidence, and overall learning and development can all be greatly enhanced by participating in sports and music. By providing the best equipment, coaches, and financial support to enable them to fully participate, KRF will ensure that children do not believe that sport or music is out of their reach – whether as a pastime or potential career.

Piano Lessons

KRF has already formed partnerships with companies such as Nike as well as other UK charities that use sports and music to help kids with troubled pasts recover from trauma. Not everyone has the money to pay for lessons or the chance to join a team. As a consequence of this, they might miss out on significant advantages that could assist them in realizing their full potential. Camilla and Chris want to provide every child, regardless of their background, with the opportunity to benefit from music and sports.

The Kerslake Robshaw Foundation wants to work with UK charities and organizations that could benefit from sports and music resources in the future.

Find how to support the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation now:

Empowering Young Lives Through Music & Sport (

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