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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, The Sugarcoated Sisters will perform their sold-out Edinburgh Fringe debut “Bittersweet” for the first time in London on April 4 through 6 at the Soho Theatre (Downstairs).



The Sugarcoated Sisters

Come to Soho Theatre with The Sugarcoated Sisters for a collectively cathartic release as they let loose their multimillion-selling personas! Laura Corcoran, a member of the critically acclaimed cabaret/comedy group Frisky & Mannish, oversaw the production.

The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne on The Table Read Magazine
The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

Chloe (30) and Tabby Tingey (28), real-life siblings, make up the comedy duo. They started posting songs about their heartbreak on TikTok in 2021, thinking no one would see them. Since then, they have gained over 600,000 followers and 100 million views across social media platforms.

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In “Bittersweet,” the critically acclaimed, award-winning, and hopelessly flawed musical comedy duo returns to Hertfordshire, where they discover unfinished business lurking around every corner. No musical style is off-limits as ammunition for their scathing retaliation against everyone who has ever wronged them, with tales of lost love, family disputes, and dating mishaps. Armed with original songs, guitar, and double bass.

Despite being bisexual, Chloe and Tabby’s content primarily targets men due to the systemic power play in heteronormative dating. In addition, “Bittersweet” debunks medical gaslighting and harmful stereotypes and addresses the myths associated with bipolar disorder and diabetes.

TikTok Breakthrough Stars

They have solidified their position at the top of the digital and live musical comedy spectrum by winning Best Newcomer and Tiktok Breakthrough Stars 2022 at the Musical Comedy Awards 2022. Feminism, modern dating, British culture, politics, women’s health, and other topics are covered in their content. TikTok Creators to Watch 2022, Tiktok’s Women Trailblazers 2022, Funny Women Content Creator Award Finalists 2021 & 2022, and Comedy Crowd Chortlist 2022 are among their previous honors.

Tabby Tingey

Tabby, who is 28 years old, suffers from type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune condition in which her pancreas does not produce insulin. She was diagnosed when she was 17 years old, but her doctor dismissed her as a “drama queen” after she fell ill and spent 10 days in the hospital. To keep herself alive, she had to inject herself with insulin five times a day and prick her fingers up to ten times a day to check her blood sugar levels. She was fortunate to receive a Dexcom and insulin pump, which function as an artificial pancreas together, after more than 20,000 injections. In their videos, Tabby often shows off her pump, which she wears with pride.

Chloe Tingey

The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne on The Table Read Magazine
The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

Chloe, 30, suffers from bipolar type 2, a mental health condition marked by severe mood swings that can last for several weeks. When she was in her 20s, she raised the possibility that she had bipolar disorder and sought assistance from a number of medical professionals, but no one took her seriously. As a result, she wasn’t given a diagnosis and treatment for the disorder until she was 26 and had a severe hypomanic episode.

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Musical Accomplishments

Tabby learned to play the flute and double bass by herself. She went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to get her acting training, and her work has taken her all over the UK. Samantha in “Sweetly It Turns” (Root Puller Productions), Sissy Jupe in “Hard Times” (Pitlochry Festival Theatre), Edie in “This Happy Breed” (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre), Lady Lambert in “The Roundheads” (Skibbereen Arts Festival), and Sophie in the national Diabetes UK advertisement are among her numerous roles. She also competed for the RCS in the Novello Theatre finals of the Stephen Sondheim Student Performer of the Year competition. For her performance, she received special praise. She started “Theatre In The Fields” in 2017, a two-day festival that celebrated all kinds of theater from the UK. It received a £10,000 grant from the national lottery in its second year.

Chloe started playing the guitar when she was 7 years old and learned it by ear because she couldn’t read music. She didn’t learn to read music until she went to Berklee College of Music, where she got a scholarship to study songwriting. She received numerous accolades for her work after graduation, including: in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Electronic category and the Song Door Songwriting Contest’s Hard Rock category. She wrote and directed a full-length musical (The Jammy Dodgers Go Underground) when she was 15 that was based on a best-selling children’s book by “Bowering Sivers.” The author signed copies of her book at the event. The show was a huge hit, and Tabby played the lead role.

Domestic Violence

Both of the sisters have been through domestic violence. When Chloe was attempting to break up with an abusive relationship of her own, she trained as an AskMe Ambassador with the Rise Domestic Abuse charity in Brighton. “Raise awareness, challenge victim blaming, and signpost people affected by domestic abuse to support services in your community” were the goals of her training. Their writing frequently draws inspiration from this actual experience. They use comedy to get over these difficult memories.
Chloe, a recovering alcoholic, has been sober for two and a half years with the assistance of a 12-step program.

Family Business

Alfie, who is 25 years old, and Bashi, who is 23, are their other siblings. Bashi co-produced “Bittersweet!,” which can be seen occasionally on their Tiktok channel.

The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne on The Table Read Magazine
The Sugarcoated Sisters, photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

Their mother, Hester, produced hundreds of one-minute video lessons and the viral Facebook phenomenon known as “Doreen Doily’s No-Brainer Lectures.” Doreen has more than 39 thousand subscribers and more than 26 million views. In 2018, Hester also performed an original one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Tabby And Chloe

When they were 12 and 14, respectively, Tabby and Chloe established the folk-pop band “Pandora’s Box.” From Strawberry Fair to Camp Bestival to the Secret Garden Party, they performed all over the country. They covered every UK number one every week for their “Number 1 Project” on YouTube, for which they won a BRIT Class Act Award and received millions of views.

Chloe and Tabby faked a job translating for the French president Sarkozy’s police entourage at the G20 Summit in 2009, when they were 17 and 15. The most memorable moment of Tabby’s life thus far has been Barack Obama’s wink at her…

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