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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, OnlineMortgageAdvisor share the Bridgerton filming locations that audiences are most inspired to visit.

Following the release of Bridgerton season 2, online interest for filming locations of the series such as ‘Wilton House’ and ‘Syon Park’ has increased by 5000% over the past week*.

With six in ten adults booking trips to visit famous locations of their TV shows, the experts at were keen to uncover the Netflix series with the most frequently visited filming locations around the world, by finding the most tagged on Instagram – now including Bridgerton locations.

Top 5 Most Popular Bridgerton Filming Locations To Visit

RankFilming locationCity/ CountryTotal number of Hashtags
1Badminton HouseGloucestershire, England60,356
2Wilton HouseSalisbury, England40,446
3Hatfield HouseHertfordshire, England30,940
4Castle HowardNorth Yorkshire, England12,862
5Syon ParkLondon, England1,958 can reveal that the most popular Bridgerton filming destination is Badminton House, situated in South Gloucestershire, with a total of 60,356 hashtags. This location was used for interior shots of Clyvedon castle, and the Duke’s parlour, and has two thirds more hashtags than Wilton House in second place (40,466 hashtags). Wilton House in Salisbury was used to film key Bridgerton scenes taking place in the hallway, dining room and entrance hall.

In third place is the Hatfield House in Hertfordshire with 30,940 hashtags. The house was featured as the west garden, Marble Hall, the library of Harfield and many more in the historical drama. Considering its beautiful exterior, Hatfield House has 15 times more hashtags than Badminton House in first place.

Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Filming Locations Worldwide

RankNetflix showFilming locationCity/ CountryTotal number of Hashtags
1Stranger ThingsStone MountainGeorgia, USA597,134
2Alice in BorderlandShibuya CrossingTokyo, Japan390,393
3Sex EducationForest of DeanGloucestershire, England278,301
4House of cardsPark AvenueBaltimore, USA268,834
5Emily in ParisJardin du Palais RoyalParis, France35,068
6OzarkLake AllatoonaGeorgia, USA33,857
7RiverdaleSweetwater RiverWyoming, USA11,285
8YouYork AvenueNew York, USA5,263
9The Last KingdomBebbanburg CastleNorthumberland, England2,729
1013 Reasons WhyVirginia StreetCalifornia, USA2,311 can also reveal that the most popular Netflix filming destination, according to Instagram, is Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA. With an impressive 597,134 hashtags in total, the Stranger Things filming location has 53% more hashtags than Alice in Borderland’s Shibuya Crossing (Japan) in second place (390,393 hashtags).

In third place is Sex Education’s Forest of Dean, which has also been used as a filming location in the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises. The enchanting wood has 278,301 hashtags on Instagram – over 100 times more hashtags than fellow UK filming location Bebbanburg Castle from The Last Kingdom in ninth place (2,729 hashtags).

Placing fifth is Jardin du Palais Royal, from Emily in Paris with 35,068 hashtags. This beautiful park is the perfect place to stroll around in, sit on the exact bench Emily sat in, and experience the majestic waterfall. Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris has 1,417% more hashtags than fellow popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why with 2,311 hashtags

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