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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Stephen Payne’s My Own Little Place, Bronagh and Finn meet Ezra who has a solution to the carbon emission crisis,and catches the attention of the CIA.

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My Own Little Place by Stephen Payne on The Table Read Magazine
My Own Little Place by Stephen Payne

My Own Little Place

Compelling and innovative novel, My Own Little Place by Stephen Payne, will be released on 14th February 2024 and can be ordered now on Amazon. Defying genre pigeon-holing, My Own Little Place leaves the reader appreciating that wherever their ‘own little place’ may be, the right to live in a clean air environment is non-negotiable.

Protagonists Bronagh and Finn take readers on an unexpected journey that immerses them in issues as diverse as Celtic mysticism, carbon dioxide emissions, and ChatGPT being used for a ‘surprising application’.

Bronagh is a brainy young woman who needs her questions answered like she needs gold dust, while Finn’s lives a barren life where he belives romance doesn’t apply to him.

Rich Celtic culture in Ireland and beyond has underlying secrets, Bronagh and Finn are lured in through the mazes and baffling laid down codes that unlock the doors to secrets that will empower them, hopefully positively- but who knows.

There is intrigue and menace out there, but what is the right place without a decent climate and environment?

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They cannot help but get involved in the fight to fix it, which draws them into adventures from the US Rockies to the East Coast, a car chase,grenades and bullets fly as the Agency-world’s conflicts of interest play out in London. Will the latest tech be enough to fulfil the Quest?

Descriptive, and benefitting from a modernism-style of writing, Stephen Payne’s ability to juggle all aspects of his plot with literary ease further adds to its appeal. And for all those keen to go slightly off-piste in their next book choice, My Own Little Place will not disappoint.

Stephen Payne

Born in rural Devon in the 1950’s, Stephen Payne attended university in Liverpool before enjoying a career in teaching science maths and geography and another in financial services.

With a passion for writing (he wrote scripts and directed school performances whilst a teacher), Stephen also appeared as the cricket bowler in Finding Neverland in 2004 and as a detective in Jonathan Creek Christmas special, Satan’s Chimney.

Living now in Hampshire, he has two adult children and two grandchildren. Stephen keeps busy with hobbies ranging from trout fly-fishing to acrylic and water colours, and sailing.

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Initially available online from Chalkstream Books and Great British Book Shop.

Published on 14th February 2024, My Own Little Place is available in paperback at


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