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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in YA historical mystery, Deception Bay by N.N. Parker, 18-year-old detective Lacey is investigating why so many girls in her isolated hometown are disappearing.

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Deception Bay

Tantalising fantasy thriller, Deception Bay by N.N. Parker, is bursting with feminist themes, is intended for a YA audience but will appeal to adults alike.

While exploring the challenges encountered by protagonist Lacey as she journeys into eighteenth century womanhood, Deception Bay is filled with mystery, witchcraft and generational secrets.

At the turn of the 18th century, girls in 18 year old Lacey’s isolated town have been been disappearing for as long as she can remember, but the local residents seem content to look the other way. After witnessing a series of mysterious incidents, Lacey begins to investigate.

As Lacey navigates her passage into womanhood, she is forced to wrestle with the evil in the town as well as mysteries even closer to home. When the beasts and witches of the town’s folklore hold less threat than those who warn of them, the blurred lines between reality and fantasy mask where the true danger lies.

Lacey’s mother was executed as a witch. However, clues along the way lead Lacey to believe things may not be as they seem, especially concerning her mother’s prosecutor, Mayor Abner. A solitary figure who has held power for many years, and now seeks even more, regardless of the cost. Lacey is forced into an unhappy engagement with the mayor’s son Sebastian, though her heart lies in an unspoken affection with her oldest friend Mateo.

In a time where a woman’s destiny is not her own, Lacey attempts to solve the sinister mysteries that have run so deep for so many years and take control of her own future. Her journey entails adventure, peril, deceit and life changing revelations. Can she trust those closest to her? Is she destined to marry a man she does not love? Was her mother really a witch? And are the strange sensations Lacey is experiencing in herself perhaps something more than natural?

With her gutsy and gritty lead character jumping from the page, N.N. Parker’s literary career has been launched with a page turner that not only captures the imagination but has readers eagerly awaiting more.

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N.N. Parker

N.N. Parker was born and raised in London. Deception Bay, published by Dolman Scott, is her first novel.

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