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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Romanians living in the UK are looking for products from Romania to cook and enjoy a taste of home, here’s where you can buy them.

Looking for Romanian products in the UK? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by Romanians who live here. There is no Romanian who does not like or miss Romanian food, so today we will tell you the magical place where you can find it., the place to find Romanian food

Romanian Sweets on The Table Read
Romanian Sweets is an online store with two physical locations, operating on the market since 2017. In the beginning, it was a small, family business that offered the Romanian community in Surrey and South West London a simple way to have goodies and dishes carefully brought from Romania on the table. Success came quickly, as everyone loves Romanian food, so in 2018 A&S market moved to a bigger location, and the range of products increased.

From 2021, the second location was also opened, in Basingstoke, so that Romanian products were also within reach of the Romanian community in Hampshire.

At you can find a lot of Romanian products, from dairy products, to meat products, canned food, Romanian fish products online, cakes, pickles and much more. Also, the quality of the products and the daily schedule made the store a real long-lasting success.

A&S market and in the online version

The online store was opened based on the need of customers to do their shopping as often as possible, but they were conditioned by distance. So since the year 2020, has also become an online store to be within reach of many of their customers. Thus, the delivery area has also expanded, and today they send products nationwide to all Romanians in Great Britain.

Romanian gastronomy, as well as culture, reflects, through each type of food, the vast history of the country. Since ancient times, the basic occupations of Romanians have been agriculture, animal husbandry and hunting, so Romanian cuisine has always enjoyed a varied range of vegetable products, meat products and traditional dairy products. With the passage of time, the influences of neighboring countries left their mark on Romanian gastronomy, but, inventive by nature, Romanians modified some original recipes and reinvented them with the foods they had at hand.

For us, the taste of childhood is restored by stuffed cabbage with polenta, cream and hot peppers, periwinkle soup, apple or cheese pie, sausages or stuffed peppers. Despite the distance, manages to bring Romanians in the UK fresh ingredients, necessary for hearty meals.

Bring Romania into your home and live wonderful moments with your family at a rich meal.

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