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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, with a wide range of architectural styles, from Victorian to Tudor, British homes can be a great source of design inspiration. But which UK cities have the most beautiful homes?

Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance used Pinterest to find the British cities with the most picturesque homes after being intrigued by a 50% increase* in searches for “most beautiful city in UK” over the past three months. To accomplish this, the experts calculated an overall “aesthetic home score” for each city by analyzing the total number of home-related pins and boards.

Top 15 UK Cities With The Most Beautiful Homes

RankCityTotal no. of pinsTotal no. of boardsAesthetic home score/10

Homes In London

Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance beautiful homes scores on The Table Read
Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance Beautiful Homes Scores

London has the most beautiful homes in Britain, with an “aesthetic home score” of 9.63 out of 10. The English capital has been featured on a whopping 68,531 pins and 653 boards on Pinterest to date, featuring everything from the Victorian masterpiece known as the Palace of Westminster to the stunning Georgian architecture of Somerset House.

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Homes In Bristol

With an impressive 13,425 pins and 161 boards, Bristol comes in close second (9.08/10). Bristol’s distinctive Byzantine style has survived for centuries and is well-represented in structures like The Granary and Bush House, which feature Moorish arches and red bricks with limestone dressings.

Homes In Birmingham

Birmingham comes in third place with an “aesthetic home score” of 8.52/10. The city in the West Midlands has accumulated 8,478 pins and 116 boards on Pinterest so far, making it a mecca for contemporary design and architectural styles.

Homes In Edinburgh And Manchester

Fourth place is shared by Manchester and Edinburgh (8.15/10). The Scottish capital has received over 5,000 pins for its picture-perfect neoclassical mansions and timeless Georgian apartments with balconies made of wrought iron. Manchester, on the other hand, has Gothic features like pointed arches and windows with traces on them, as evidenced by the fact that it has nearly 200 Pinterest boards.


Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance were keen to discover which UK cities have the most beautiful homes.

  1. Firstly, the experts compiled their seed list using the top 30 most populated UK cities from World Population Review, and further identified cities famed for their picturesque homes using a range of articles online. (Sources: CN Traveller, Travel + Leisure, etc.)
  2. Utilising image-sharing platform, Pinterest, Alan Boswell searched for boards titled “[city] home”, “[city] interior” and obtained the total number of pins and boards each UK city garnered.
  3. To guarantee accuracy, the experts ran a thorough relevancy check and applied filters to board names.

a.     Those bearing the same name as US cities and football clubs were re-examined to ensure that the pins and boards analysed were relevant.

b.     A myriad of miscellaneous filters to avoid people’s names were used.

c.      Cities with insufficient data were excluded from the study, resulting in 26 UK cities in the final data set.

  1. A final ‘aesthetic home score’ out of ten was assigned to each UK city after applying a PERCENTRANK formula across the number of pins and boards each city accumulated.
  2. The scores were then ranked in descending order with the city achieving the highest ‘aesthetic home score’ identified as the UK city with the most beautiful homes.
  3. All data was collected on November 8th 2022 and is accurate as of then.
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