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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, while designer clothes are known for being beautiful, sometimes the architecture of their stores is just as stunning, so we check out the world’s most beautiful fashion shops.

Fashion Shops

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes – it’s about the entire experience. Many may argue that the architecture and interior design of a shop are just as important as the merchandise itself. From the moment you step onto the sidewalk to the second you slip into that perfect outfit, the atmosphere of a fashion shop can truly elevate your shopping spree. But some stores transcend the ordinary, transforming into architectural marvels, artistic playgrounds, or historical havens. Well-thought-out designs have been captivating the public since day dot, working as one of the most impactful customer acquisition techniques a business can implement.

Alan Boswell Business Insurance analysed Instagram hashtags, reviews and mentions of beauty for shops around the world, to crown the most beautiful shops. 

The World’s Most Beautiful Fashion Shops

1. Serge Lutens (Paris, France) – 72.5/100

Serge Lutens on The Table Read Magazine
Serge Lutens Copyright: (Kiev.Victor)

The only palace in the ranking, this store scores 72.5 out of 100. Opened by Serge Lutens in 1992 in the Palais Royal, this dark and striking store is full of violet and black, a colour Lutens holds dear to his heart. This hidden flagship store is often missed by travellers who are drawn into the Louvre a stone’s throw away but still brandishes a 4.5-star review score.

  • Dramatic Setting: Forget the typical glass-fronted boutique. The Serge Lutens Palais Royal entrance is a heavy wooden door, hinting at the secrets it conceals. Once inside, prepare to be transported. Black marble floors and walls bathed in an amethyst-hued light create a dramatic backdrop for the perfume displays. It’s more reminiscent of a luxurious private salon than a retail space.
  • A Spiral Staircase Surprise: The centerpiece of the store is a majestic, wrought-iron spiral staircase that winds its way upwards. This unexpected architectural element adds a touch of whimsy and invites exploration. Perhaps it leads to a hidden treasure trove of fragrances, or maybe it’s simply a testament to Lutens’ flair for the dramatic.
  • Fragrance as Art: The perfumes themselves are not simply displayed on shelves. They’re treated like precious works of art. Imagine sleek, minimalist bottles bathed in the amethyst light, beckoning you to discover their unique olfactory stories. Testers are likely available, but the entire presentation emphasizes the artistry and exclusivity of the Serge Lutens fragrances.
  • A Sensory Journey: The atmosphere in the store is carefully curated to enhance the experience. Imagine a subtle fragrance in the air, perhaps one that reflects the brand’s signature boldness. The lighting, the textures, even the music (if there is any) all work together to transport you further into the world of Serge Lutens.

2. Prada Marfa (Texas, USA) – 70.6/100

Prada Marfa on The Table Read Magazine
Prada Marfa Copyright: (anitatakespictures)

Although technically not an operating store, this artistic installation brings intrigue and of course Instagram tags with a score of 70.6 making it tied for third place.

Set in the beautiful Chihuahua desert, this ‘store’ was a response to commercialism, built in 2005. Originally left to decay, this art installation has been maintained and become a beacon for fashion fanatics and art lovers, attracting 75,294 posts to date.

  • A Facade of Luxury: From afar, the Prada Marfa resembles a minimalist Prada boutique, complete with a sleek white stucco exterior and large windows. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize something’s amiss. The doors are permanently locked, and the window displays feature luxury handbags and shoes from Prada’s fall/winter 2005 collection, forever frozen in time.
  • Pop Art in the Desert: The Prada Marfa is a work of land art, created by Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset in 2005. It’s a satirical commentary on consumerism and the juxtaposition of high fashion with the harsh realities of the West Texas desert landscape.
  • Intentionally Deteriorating Design: Unlike a typical store that undergoes maintenance and updates, the Prada Marfa is built to deteriorate naturally. Constructed from adobe bricks, plaster, and paint, the structure is meant to weather and crack over time, further blurring the lines between reality and artifice.
  • A Beacon in the Wasteland: Despite its isolation, the Prada Marfa has become a landmark and a quirky tourist attraction. People travel from miles around to snap photos in front of the fake storefront, solidifying its status as a pop culture phenomenon.
  • Art with a Legacy: The Prada Marfa has sparked debates about the purpose of art and the nature of consumerism. It’s a reminder that art can be unexpected, thought-provoking, and exist outside the confines of a museum.

3. Dior Flagship Store (Seoul, South Korea) – 63.7/100

Dior on The Table Read Magazine
Dior Copyright: (BERK OZDEMIR)

The Christan Dior Flagship Store opened in 2015, making it the youngest of the top five shops. This luxury fashion mecca even boasts a cafe on the top floor for its visitors. With 1,883 Instagram Hashtags and a review score of 4.4 out of 5, this elegant store scores 63.7.

  • Complete Dior Collections: Across the six floors, you’ll find a curated selection of women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and leather goods. Whether you’re a die-hard Dior fan or simply appreciate luxury fashion, this store offers something for everyone.
  • A Parisian Cafe Experience: Head to the top floor and discover Café Dior, a stylish space where you can indulge in French culinary delights. Imagine sipping coffee and enjoying pastries amidst the luxurious Dior ambiance. It’s the perfect way to rest your feet after a shopping spree or to savor a Parisian-inspired afternoon break.
  • A Haven for VIPs: The store also boasts a dedicated VIP lounge, offering a personalized and exclusive shopping experience for discerning clientele.
  • Showcasing Korean Art: Adding a touch of local flair, the flagship store sometimes incorporates works by Korean artists into its displays, fostering a unique cultural exchange within the Dior universe.

4. Louis Vuitton (Singapore) – 54.9/100

Louis Vuitton on The Table Read Magazine
Louis Vuitton Copyright: (CrispyPork)

Located in the Marina Bay Sands, the island flagship store of Louis Vuitton lands in fourth place with a score of 54.9. With a review score of 4.4 out of 5 from a total of 1,340 reviews this radical architectural crystal is a sight to be seen, with tourists drawn in from around the globe.

  • Sail-like Structures: The most striking aspect of the exterior is the use of twelve white resin and fiberglass structures that resemble billowing sails. These “sails” rise upwards in a mesmerizing display, their curvature reminiscent of flowing fabric. It’s a direct visual reference to Christian Dior’s renowned, soft, and sculptural haute couture gowns.
  • Material and Color Choice: The white color palette of the sails reinforces the association with elegance and purity, qualities deeply ingrained in the Dior brand identity. The resin and fiberglass material offers a clean and modern aesthetic, while also ensuring durability for the Seoul climate.
  • Sense of Movement: The varying sizes and angles of the sails create a sense of movement and dynamism, as if the entire building is caught in a gentle breeze. This evokes the fluidity and grace associated with Dior’s fashion.

5. Gentle Monster (Los Angeles, USA) – 47.1/100

Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster’s flagship store in LA is quirky and artistic, the store is home to sculptures and installations inspired by the stages of harvest. Scarecrows even guard the store entrance. This location reflects the typical conceptual store designs Gentle Monster is famous for. In fifth place with a score of 47.1 earnt by its 4.2 review score and, 3% of reviews calling the location beautiful.


1.       Using various sources such as Architectural Digest, Dezeeen, CN Traveller and Harper’s Bazaar Alan Boswell Business Insurance created a ranking to determine the most beautiful shops in the world.

2.       A beauty score was created based on the equal ranking of data points including Instagram hashtags, reviews, and reviews mentioning “beautiful”

3.       Data was sourced from Instagram and Google Reviews

4.       *All data is the latest available and correct as of 11/10/2023 Please find the full data here

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