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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, for Mother’s Day, we take a look at who the most successful nepo babies are in the entertainment industry!

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Nepo Babies

It’s Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us. But in Hollywood, some moms deserve a special shoutout for raising the next generation of stars! We’re talking about the nepo babies who’ve taken the entertainment industry by storm. ‘Nepo baby’ refers to the child of a celebrity who has excelled in a career similar to their parents and is likely to have an unfair advantage due to their family’s connections. 

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying these celebrity offspring have carved their own paths to success. From award-winning actors to chart-topping musicians, today we’re diving into the world of nepotism and exploring some of the most successful celebrity kids who’ve proven their talent goes beyond just their famous family name.

The findings, pulled together by JeffBet, calculated the average per-post Instagram earnings for the most-followed Nepo babies and compared this to the online earning potential of their famous parents to reveal who is lagging behind their family and who is excelling. 

For children of celebrities, it can feel inevitable that they’ll end up famous and successful in some way – whether that’s due to taking advantage of their parents’ influence and getting ahead in their chosen career, or simply by becoming well-known by association with their family legacy.

While Nepo babies naturally have better access and opportunities than the average person, it is interesting to see that some have clearly fallen flatter with the general public than others – especially when compared to the massive success of their famous parents. 

And although the motivations for seeking fame can vary from person to person, it’s clear that Nepo babies can capitalize on this attention and convert their influence into earnings.

-a JeffBet spokesperson

Most Successful Nepo Babies

Miley Cyrus

And it turns out that ‘Pop Chameleon’ Miley Cyrus has made the most headway when benefitting from her parents’ fame, as her online earning potential is 10,170% higher. 

According to the Instagram Money Calculator, Miley’s follower count (215.5 million) and engagement rate (0.5%) means she can charge an average of £125.9k per sponsored post on Instagram – including those for her new Wrecking Ball collab with Dolly Parton.  

These earnings look even more impressive when you consider the pulling power of her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, as his earning potential averages just £1.2k – meaning he’d have to secure over 100 #ads to earn the same fee as his daughter leverages for one post.

Kim Kardashian

Another celebrity offspring that is excelling compared to their parents is Kim Kardashian, as she was named the highest-valued Nepo baby overall with an average per-post earning potential of over £1 million (£1,046,822) based on her huge 36.4 million following. 

Kim has outearned her ‘momager’, Kris Jenner, by 2,943% per sponsored Instagram post, as the socialite and businesswoman can currently charge around £34.1k for a #ad.  

Top Five Most Successful Nepo Babies

Nepo babyPer-Post ValueParents’ Per-Post Value% Difference(Child Higher)
Miley Cyrus£125,987£1,22710,170%
Hailey Bieber£43,754£4948,710%
Emma Roberts£12,676£1996,279%
Kim Kardashian£1,046,822£34,1002,943%
Gigi Hadid£54,836£2,2902,295% 

Least Successful Nepo Babies

Brooklyn Beckham

On the other end of the scale, the Nepo baby struggling the most to step out of their parents’ shadows is Brooklyn Beckham, as David and Victoria’s combined average earning potential per post is 373% higher than his.  

Brooklyn’s follower count (16.3 million) and engagement rate (0.79%) means he can charge £10.5k per sponsored post on Instagram compared to his parents’ staggering £39.3k fee – meaning it’d take Brooklyn more than three #ads to earn the same sum. 

Brookyln’s earning potential doesn’t look much better when paired with that of his fellow Nepo baby wife, Nicola Peltz, as this drops their combined value to £6.7k per post.

Willow Smith

Joining Brooklyn as the other Nepo babies who are using social media in their parents’ shadows is Willow Smith, as Will and Jada have a 355% higher earning potential, and Kelly Osbourne, as Sharon and Ozzy can charge 157% more per sponsored post.  

Top Five Least Successful Nepo Babies

 Nepo babyPer-Post ValueParents’ Per-Post Value% Difference (Parents Higher)
1Brooklyn Beckham£10,550£39,379373%
2Willow Smith£6,134£21,754355%
3Jaden Smith£10,550£21,754206%
4Kelly Osbourne£1,439£2,249157%
5Lily-Rose Depp£14,762£16,909115%

Fake Followers

As well as looking at which Nepo babies and famous parents have the highest earning potential on Instagram, the research analyzed the following of each celebrity to reveal who has the highest proportion of fake followers, which provide no value to each account. 

Fake followers are often bought online to increase the worth of some profiles when evaluated by brands, but they offer no authentic engagement as they’re typically bots. 

The findings show that over a quarter (26%) of the average Nepo babies’ following is fake, making them appear significantly more popular than they actually are. The celebrity with the highest proportion of fake followers is Angelina Jolie, with almost two-fifths (39%). 

On the other end of the scale, the Nepo baby with the most authentic following was Jennifer Aniston, as just 1 in 10 of her Instagram following are bots. Miley Cyrus has a slightly higher proportion of fake followers than the average, with 29% predicted to be bots or bought. 

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