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On The Table Read “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, WordsRated share their job post of Biliophile-at-large, where you can get paid to read books.

Are you a passionate reader who is ready to turn over a new page? Your next chapter could be with WordsRated! Apply to become our Bibliophile-at-large and earn $200 for every book you read.

The Position – Bibliophile-At-Large

We give you books. You read them. We give you cold, hard cash.

We’re looking for a person capable of devouring hundreds of pages with ease while paying attention to detail. Your job is to read the book and take notes on specific details. Examples:

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  • Number of characters by gender
  • Number of sentences given to male vs. female characters
  • Locations where the story takes place
  • Which books are characters reading or being referenced
  • Number of certain words or phrases
  • How many questions were asked in the book
  • What animals are appearing in the book

We will use this data to create unique, data-driven studies and statistics about books.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

The salary

You will earn $200 for each book you read and analyze. There’s no limit on how much you can read – one book per month or one book every day. You can do this in your spare time or you can make this a full-time job, whatever makes more sense to you. 

Who are we looking for?

Anyone aged 18 or over, who has a passion for reading and values freedom and flexibility in work, can apply for the job. As we are a 100% remote company, you can work how much you want, whenever you want, and from wherever you want. We require a stable internet connection and high proficiency in English.

Who are we?

WordsRated is a non-commercial organization dedicated to discovering insightful data about books, literature, and the publishing industry. Our studies and statistics are unique, free, and available to everyone.

Our team is 100% remote and our employees are located in the USA, Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine, and the Philippines, among others. You will be joining a diverse team with a shared passion for books and data.

Apply here

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