Your Forest

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Written by Josette Celeste

“Your Forest” By Josette Celeste

One day… but, time is a cruel mistress.

Until that day arrives, be present for every moment, even for the ones that steal your spirit and leave tears in its stead.

Grief is a beast, a monster waiting in the shadows of your forest.

Grab your sword, shield your core, and step through to the other side—crawl if you must.

See the sun shimmer through the trees and feel the warmth when you can. Embrace the dampened and cold shade; remember its refreshing shelter.

Grow whilst moving, stopping, falling, and rising again.

Dodge the trees, don’t trample the flowers, and forge your trail. Watch, as it meanders in wondrous ways.

Hold on to that sword, and never leave you behind.

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Josette Celeste is an American adventurer living in Wales.




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