Note To Self

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Written by Josette Celeste

“Note to self”

Opening my heart isn’t something I do easily;

I’ve been hurt by those with insincerity.

Gradually, I got stronger, built my vision from within— where eventually I felt it all and I became whole again.

The echos of my dreams startled me awake; my voice grasped for words.

The darkness consumed me, and I felt myself in rebirth.

No response is response, peace in my soul.

Let the past rest where it belongs, buried in the soil.

Forgive, sweetheart, all that was left behind. Don’t look back; don’t let them take you just because you’re kind.

It is done, that chapter no longer exists. Use your eyes now, and remember—all you resist persists.

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Josette Celeste is an American adventurer living in Wales.




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